Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper Review – The Perfect Hair Clipper for Home Cutting

With barber shops (head over to Booksy for the best barber shops!) temporarily closed across the UK, men are having to cut their own hair at home. To get that same barber cut finish at home, you need a great hair clipper, and in this review, you’ll see why the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper is the ideal choice.

The Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper is a high-quality, precision-crafted grooming tool. With its Japanese steel blades, durable metal body and corded design, this heavy-duty hair clipper was built for the barbershop—and priced for the home. Keep reading our Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper review to learn more.

Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper Key Features

● High torque pivot motor for extra durability, power and quiet operation

● Precisely ground Japanese blades with acute V-shaped cutting angle to shear smoothly through hair

● All metal housing provides superior strength

● Perfect balance improves handling and reduces fatigue

● Adjustable taper lever offers five levels of adjustment

● Six comb guides (3, 6, 10, 13, 16 and 19mm)

● Designed for all hair types

● Mains-powered for extended use

● Extra-long 3-metre cord for greater maneuverability

● 2-year guarantee

● Includes lubricating oil to help blades cut optimally and reduce wear

Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper Overview

Powerful Pivot Motor for Maximum Performance

Pivot motors, like the one found in the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper, function similarly to the more common magnetic motor—but feature no spring and utilize not one, but two, electromagnets. This pivot motor hair clipper delivers greater torque, higher speed and quieter operation, easily cutting through even heavy, thick and long hair that other clippers struggle with. That’s the kind of performance we expect from a professional barbershop tool, and the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper delivers it.

Born to Cut…

Japan has a long history of metallurgical excellence that most often brings to mind the elegantly curved katana sword. The tradition continues today, with fine-edged Japanese kitchen knives, extraordinarily sharp safety razor blades—and the precisely engineered, acutely ground, V-angled Japanese steel blades found in the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper.

With a high measure of hardness and careful grind, the Super Pro clipper blades offer excellent durability and long-lasting cutting geometry that tackles even the toughest hair with aplomb. Users praise the performance, describing it as being “like a hot knife through butter”.

…and Built to Last

Consider for a moment the material evolution of the smartphone and laptop computer. Plastic—that ubiquitous, versatile, but not always durable material—no longer graces the outer shells of our beloved gadgets, having been replaced with anodized aluminum. Unfortunately, plastic still features heavily on the best cordless hair clippers, making them damage-prone.

Luckily, the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper has an all-metal housing, engineered for durability—and it looks great! Good design is evident: while the generously sized round handle is knurled with a diamond pattern to provide omnidirectional grip, the upper portion of the clipper is smooth and polished, allowing for easy cleaning. The smooth finish is hygienic, too—without grooves, crevices or texturing, there’s no place for stubble, dead skin and germs to hide.

Even two areas typically prone to failure from mechanical stress—the taper lever and power cord—are overengineered, with a metal lever and heavy duty power cord sleeve that withstand frequent toggling and bending. And the cord includes a metal hanging loop, perfect for storing the clipper when not in use.

Corded Design for Extended Runtimes

A significant majority of hair clippers sold today are cordless, featuring rechargeable lithium-ion or nickel metal hydride batteries. You’d think this feature would by now have been universally adopted, but the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper bucks the trend, staying true to its professional heritage. Yes, a cord restricts usage to within the proximity of an outlet—though the three metre length gives you plenty of room to move.

The mains-powered Babyliss Pro runs steadily without any drop in cutting speed or ability, efficiently channeling every volt to the long-life, high-torque pivot motor’s electromagnets that require a steady stream of alternating current. It’s with good reason that virtually no high-quality pivot motor clipper is battery powered.

Create and Maintain Your Perfect Style

The robust, five-position taper lever on the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper provides great adjustability when used in conjunction with the included comb guards. In use, the indexed taper lever doesn’t prove limiting—its five adjustment levels are sufficient, and not prone to the gradual loosening which over time can afflict non-indexed levers.

Six included comb guides (the only plastic components included with this clipper) snap easily into place. The guides, spanning grades 0 to 6, cut hair to lengths of between 3 and 19mm.

Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper Pros and Cons

Let’s take another look at what makes this Babyliss electric hair clipper great, and what could be improved upon.


Fast and powerful. The high-torque pivot motor provides exceptional cutting performance, tackling all hair types with ease—and, barring a power outage, doesn’t slow down. Expertly ground Japanese steel blades are engineered to cut quickly and cleanly, removing hair in a single pass.

Solidly constructed. An all-metal body—somewhat of a rarity even among professional grade hair clippers—makes the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper one tough grooming tool. A knurled handle provides great grip, and an easy-to-clean polished upper portion resists dirt, dead skin and other debris.

Affordably priced. For barbershop quality and performance, the Super Motor Clipper provides great value, out-cutting many equally or higher-priced clippers.


May run hot. With up to 240 volts coursing through its electromagnetic pivot motor, the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper can run hot. This is most likely to occur during periods of extended use, and can be minimized by the regular application of lubricating oil, which reduces friction and keeps things running smoothly.

Doesn’t cut super-close. Those seeking extremely short hair—stubble or none at at all—will be better served by an electric shaver, safety razor or balding clipper, designed to take hair down to skin level. The Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper cuts quite close, bottoming out at a 3mm length—perfect for most, but not all, styles.

Occasional failures. Though rare, there are a few reports of the Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper failing prematurely. However, these seem to be isolated incidents, with the majority of users reporting high satisfaction with the performance and longevity of this pivot motor clipper.

In Conclusion

The Babyliss Pro Super Motor Clipper delivers high-level performance in an attractive and robust package. Everything about this clipper is straightforward, from the functional, well thought-out design to the lack of extraneous attachments and accessories. Whether you cut hair professionally or you’re learning to cut hair at home, the Super Motor Clipper is worth your consideration. Highly recommended.