Bad Nerves at Deadwax Digbeth gig review

When it comes to music, any type of rock bands are an essential to me. I grew up with a dad who introduced me to some of the most amazing songs, that were often played by bands. From Supergrass to Nirvana, The Stranglers, The Strokes and Pearl Jam, there’s no way I could name them all. So, when I start listening to artists I haven’t heard before I always pass it by him and Bad Nerves got the seal of approval before I even made it to the gig.

With that I had high hopes for the show at Dead Wax Digbeth. A place that couldn’t have been more suited to the occasion and made it a very intimate performance, which I very much enjoyed.

A diverse crowd, making the night even better in my opinion. From people dancing, jumping and doing some of the liveliest moshing I’ve come across. One crowd goer even sporting the most exceptional mohawk that didn’t escape the attention of some of the performers or fellow fans!

Bad Nerves sound is powerful without feeling forced. It’s like they’re not trying to make you like them because quite frankly they don’t need to try, Bad Nerves look and sound so effortless when performing because from what I can see, it seems as natural as breathing to them.

Baby Drummer got the blood pumping, I’m almost certain I was screaming the lyrics, along with Radio Punk..

Nothing is for show while they put on a show for the fans, they are genuine and there to have a good time themselves and not to just make sure you’re enjoying it. Which makes the atmosphere that much better. I smiled, sang along and danced to every song with pure adrenaline from the performance and the buzz off everyone around me.

I had made myself acquainted with their music before the show, to make sure I got a feel for the band and their sound and when I tell you that I have had them on repeat every day I am not overexaggerating!

So when I got to hear the soundtracks that have kept me company on my daily activities for the past week or so live and see the energy of the room and the band, I was very happy at how much more I loved all the songs. Baby Drummer got the blood pumping, I’m almost certain I was screaming the lyrics, along with Radio Punk which is the first song I’d ever listened to of theirs and it was the song that plastered a grin so wide on my face it was almost painful.

Can’t Be Mine was powerful and had something to it that felt like raw emotion, it had the room bouncing and when the new single Alright, which is most definitely a more than alright song, was played I was in a ‘I want to stay out all night!’ kind of mood.

These were just some of the songs and I mention them as they are my favourites, that isn’t to say the others weren’t as good. I’m sure if you asked anyone in the room that night, there wasn’t a melody or lyric we didn’t all enjoy.

Finding a band that makes music you want to listen to while you murder yourself at the gym and can give you a show that you want to relive all over again, is a must see if you ask me. Bad Nerves performance at Dead Wax Digbeth has made it into to one of my most memorable nights out with my closest friend and that must be what everyone aims for when they buy a ticket to see a band they love.

So if you love rock n roll, then Bad Nerves are a band you most definitely should give a listen to and if you want an amazing night to remember then they are an absolute must see in my books. I look forward to seeing them perform live again.

Words by Wallis Brown for Grapevine Birmingham (