Be The Talk Of The Office Christmas Party With These Outfit Ideas

What To Wear To Your Office Party This Christmas?

The fabled office Christmas party, a time of organised fun, awkward small talk, and the dreaded Christmas quiz, seriously has anyone updated any of these questions in the last 15 years?

As this is 2020, the year of unknowns and uncertainty. the first question on many people’s minds this winter will be, ‘is there even a Christmas party?” with the ever-changing local lockdown rules that has left many individuals confused it is still an unknown so the best course of action is to be prepared anyway, because if not you know it will go ahead! There is a possibility that the office party may have to be virtual this year as the mixing of households is still off the cards. To get you in the mood and inspired here are a few great office party outfit ideas!

Smart Casual

Or office wear. Every office party has one individual who made all the effort to wear the exact same outfit they would on any regular office day. This outfit lacks inspiration, imagination, and although easy is not very Christmassy, and the colleague who inevitably loves Christmas, the same one that insisted the tree goes up in November, will be having none of it.

Christmas Jumper

The good old Christmas jumper will no doubt be making an appearance this year, just like last year, and the one previous to that too… Festive jumpers can become a competition in some offices, as to who has the best, most imaginative one possible. If you are a fan of heavy metal music you are in for a treat, as there are a number of bands who offer their very own Christmas jumpers, meaning you can scare the hell out of your older colleagues.

Personalised Jumper

If you want to wear something a little different to the office party, or from your work from home desk, to enjoy this year’s festivities then you could create your own personalised jumper with Banana Moon Clothing which will allow you to choose your garment, the colour, and then add your own imagery or message to display your love for the season, or if bah-humbug is more you, your dismay towards the holiday season.


If you are one of the more cynical members of staff, and there is always at least one in any office environment, you may want to opt for something which is the complete polar opposite of Christmas, to please yourself and really annoy your Christmas-loving colleagues. If this idea suits your mindset then consider something like a football strip from the 1994 World Cup, that will definitely cause a stir.

Fancy Dress

If the previous outfit ideas haven’t quite hit the mark, or don’t satisfy your flamboyant nature, then maybe consider a fancy-dress outfit which would be enough to liven up the most awkward office party. As it’s that time of year again, a Santa outfit would always go down a treat, failing that you could consider dressing as a life size snowman, or even a gingerbread person for ultimate festive effect.