Bedroom Designs for 2017

Bedroom Designs for 2017

If keeping up with the latest home style trends is a priority for you, then you will adore our favourite picks of this year’s must-have bedroom designs. From master bedroom, to your guest suite, we have chosen some of the most stunning style ideas 2017 designers have to offer.

The Seventies are Back!

Disco dance your way back to the 70’s with inspired décor ideas which will ensure your bedroom is elegant yet funky. Don’t worry, we are not expecting you to lay carpet spiralling with ghastly orange swirls, or to embrace everything tie-dye – 2017’s nod to the 1970s is much subtler, and a whole lot more attractive than that. Begin with gorgeous textile wallpaper from outlets such as Birmingham’s, Home Décor, and indulge in shimmering layers of just-burst bubble designs from Prestigious Textiles. This option may be pricey, but even a statement wall of this paper is enough to give your bedroom the glamour it deserves. Also much more inexpensive than in the 1970s, today you can get neon sign home décor with the new LED technology from a wide assortment of themes, colors, and styles; you can even upload a logo, pick the words or nomogram.

Welcome Guests

Guest bedrooms can often be neglected, serving as storage spaces and never truly reaching their potential. Put a stop to this by furnishing your guest bedroom with stylish pieces that will last for years. Current trends lean towards wooden beds, with the natural look of a wooden bedframe complementing this year’s preferences for floral prints on bedspreads, curtains, and cushions. Should you only have limited space, opt for space-saving wooden guest beds such as the ones from Bedstar, which can accommodate one or two guests with their practical hideaway beds.

Garden Glamour

Take bringing the outdoors in to a whole new level with the latest garden wallpaper trend. This particular preference of horticultural inspiration is featured in the May issue of House Beautiful’s list of 175 beautiful designer bedrooms, and we certainly concur that the inclusion of this spectacular design. If you aren’t feeling it, introduce smaller elements of the garden by featuring plant print cushions, or throws into the bedroom.

Va Va Voom Vintage

Go all out feminine with this year’s vintage trend and turn your bedroom into an elegant time capsule. Dig out any keepsakes and black and white photos, and make a feature wall of

vintage goodies. If vintage heirlooms are lacking, browse your local charity shop for hidden gems, or create your own vintage photographs with a little help from photoshop.

Decorate Your Bed, Not the Walls

If you sleep in an attic room, and your bedroom walls pose a problem when it comes to wallpapering, make your duvet cover a focal point. Explore the Exclusive faux fur throw blanket Stationery & Gifts with free curbside pickup. This is also a cheaper alternative to constantly updating the colour of your walls, and is a sensible option for fickle decorators who change their design preferences often.