Best Casino Games Review

There are many exciting and enjoyable casino games that can be accessed through online sites and even sportsbooks, with among the most popular being a game slot online where it’s possible to win big but also explore other gaming options. Almost anything that can be found in a physical casino can also be accessed online in the comfort of someone’s own home or wherever they can get an internet connection.


Playing slot machines is extremely attractive because there really aren’t any rules to learn and they can be played alone, unlike table games that require interaction with other players. However, slots are just as popular with casinos as they are with players, as they’re a huge source of income even if they pay out at rates of 96-98%.

Some bettors seem to be very lucky at slots, giving many people the impression that playing them can produce easy money, but there just isn’t any strategy to employ that increases the chances of winning, especially in the digital era of chip based and operated machines. With all of that generally known, it doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of waiting for that big spin that lights up the machine and results in a big payout.

Video Poker

Video Poker has a similar type of appeal as slot machines, but it includes more strategy and decision making. There are a number of different options available, with wild cards and multiple hands available to wager on, but in essence, it’s still a virtual slot machine under the guise of a card game, with the house or online casino able to manipulate the payout rate.

When playing video poker, the biggest payout comes from hitting a Royal Flush, with that winning hand the goal of every player. However, there are times when a player can get ahead by a nice margin without a Royal and it’s important to cash out and either move to another physical machine or log into a different website, because it’s impossible to win long term because the odds are stacked toward the house.


Another game that can be quite exciting, with absolutely no strategy necessary to win, is roulette. It is nothing but pure luck and the house, whether at an actual table or online at a site such as The VIP Casinos, has an advantage of almost 8% because a winning spin pays 35 to 1 on a wheel with 38 spots That doesn’t keep people from flocking to the game, paying attention to the spinning wheel and the bouncing ball as it dives into the winning number.

Despite the big house edge, roulette is entertaining because it also allows bettors to make a variety of wagers, not just placing chips on an individual number. The only decision for the player to make is which wager to choose and how much should be placed on the table, whether real or virtual.


For players looking to limit the house advantage, blackjack or “21” offers the best option on a long-term basis. By following the game’s basic strategy, which dictates when to split hands and double down under certain conditions, bettors can exercise judgment and options that the dealer is prohibited from taking advantage of.

The downside of following a basic strategy is that there are times when splitting and doubling down can require a rather large amount of money be wagered on a single hand, even when playing the table minimum. To take advantage of the benefits that basic strategy offers and the long-term benefits of playing it, bettors need to make an initial stake of at least 20 times the table minimum, or $200 on a $10 table.