Birmingham Arts Project Overhear Announce Partnership with Verve Poetry Festival

The team behind Overhear, a Birmingham based collective who unite art and technology, are pleased to reveal that they are joining forces with Verve Poetry Festival this February.

The city will welcome the 3rd edition of Verve Poetry Festival, Birmingham’s leading poetry and spoken word event this February, and for the first year will include a roster of events specially programmed by the Overhear collective.

Overhear is an app-based hyper-local poetry map, which allows users to unlock unique recordings from local artists in specific Birmingham locations; the downloads can then be added to a streamable playlist in the Overhear app.

As part of this year’s Verve Poetry Festival, and made possible through securing Arts Council funding, Overhear has commissioned 13 poems to feature as part of the first-ever poetry-themed walking tour ‘Verve Overheard.’

The Verve Overheard walking tours will visit independent venues across Birmingham, as Overhear Founder, Tom Peel, explains:

Overhear is about location and creative content. It uses mobile technology to link the two, and we hope that it has the potential to generate great value for independent venues and artists in the city.

You can download the app and collect these poems in the lead up to the festival by visiting the venues or by booking onto one of our walking tours, which will shortly be available through Verve Festival’s website.

The Overhear walking tours will take place on February 14th – 17th as part of Verve Festival, and features venues such as: Hippodrome, Waterstones, Birmingham Whiskey Club, 1000 Trades, Centrala, and many more.

For more information and a full list of venues participating please visit