Birmingham graffiti artist, Robbie Jeffcott pays tribute to Ozzy Osbourne in the Custard Factory

A local graffiti artist has created a mural for the Birmingham legend, located on the Digbeth Estate

Birmingham graffiti artist, Robbie Jeffcott, has paid tribute to famous Brummie and Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, with a piece located in the Custard Factory’s, Gibb Square, on the Digbeth Estate. 

After sharing on social media last week, Robbie, previous contestant on Sky Arts’ Artist Of The Year, revealed that the mural took 15 hours to complete. With his latest piece tucked away next to the UK’s first self-service bar Auto Brew, and opposite his first tribute of Mike Skinner, Jeffcott talked about how he only paints people he admires’. 

The Custard Factory, located in the heart of the Digbeth Estate, has been a creative hub for the city for many years. The Estate is home to a whole host of businesses, ranging from independent retail stores and corporate companies to an abundance of hospitality offerings, all complimented by street art-adorned walls, and it is now the new home for Aston-born Ozzy. 

Clive Watson, Head of ESG & Experience at Oval Real Estate Limited, said “We are delighted that Robbie Jeffcott has chosen The Custard Factory as the location for his latest piece featuring Ozzy Osbourne. The Digbeth Estate is a thriving area for creatives and the walls of our buildings reflect the vibrancy of this community. It’s great to see local artists paying homage to local legends in the city. We can’t wait to see what Robbie does next.