Birmingham Through the Lens: 6 Stunning Spots for Photography

Looking to take some great snaps while you’re in Birmingham? Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an tough and experienced TOG we’ve got you. Here are six locations you don’t want to miss. Each of these spots offers something unique, from historic architecture to serene gardens.

15 Acres of Lush Botanical Gardens: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are not only a great place to visit, but also a photographer’s dream come true. The lush greenery, vibrant colors, and unique plant life make it a picturesque place for capturing stunning photographs. The glasshouses in particular provide an array of photographic opportunities, from the impressive architecture to the unique plant species within.

Another standout feature of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is the Japanese garden, which offers a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that’s perfect for capturing tranquil shots. The gardens’ various walkways and trails offer different angles and perspectives, with something new to discover around every corner.

Spring is one of the best time to visit the gardens for some beautiful snaps, as the flowers are in full bloom and the colors are at their most vibrant. The tranquil lakes and water features also provide great opportunities for reflection shots and capturing the peaceful atmosphere.

Cannon Hill Park: A Photographer’s Playground

The park is located in the south of Birmingham. It spans about for a massive 80 acres and boasts a variety of attractions. These include a lake, tennis courts, and even a cute mini-golf range.

One of the most popular locations near to the park is the Midlands Art Centre and the MAC outdoor arena, which are amazing for providing visitors with opportunities for cultural experiences and creative inspiration.

But you know what sets this park apart? It’s the diverse landscapes, which include open fields, dense woods, and water features. These are great for photos as they providegreat opportunities from capturing sweeping views of the open fields to the intricate details of the dense woods.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Canon Hill Park?

Autumn is the best time to visit the park for photography, as the leaves turn a beautiful shade of gold and the park is less crowded.

Uncovering Birmingham’s Historic Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter is an excellent place for photography because of its stunning architecture, which includes numerous traditional brick buildings and ornate shop windows. When we asked Kush a professional photographer from WeShootYou, he explained that these buildings offer a classical aesthetic that is perfect for capturing dark and moody pictures, especially during the early morning or late afternoon when the light is softer. The Grade II-listed St Paul’s Church, which was built in the 18th century, is one of the standout architectural features in the area and makes for an excellent subject for photography.

The narrow streets and alleys that make up the Jewellery Quarter also provide plenty of opportunities for capturing unique compositions and perspectives. The way that the light filters through the buildings creates a beautiful play of light and shadow, adding depth and texture to your photos. Additionally, the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, located in a restored jewelry workshop, provides a great opportunity to learn about the history of the area and take pictures of the exhibits, which include restored jewelry-making tools and equipment.

Check out the official website for Birmingham’s Historic Jewellery Quarter.

The City Centre of Birmingham: Victoria Square

Victoria Square is one of the best locations for photography in Birmingham, thanks to its grand architecture and central location. The iconic Victoria Memorial statue and the historic Council House are the standout features of the square and make for excellent subjects for photography. The building’s intricate details and imposing facade provide an opportunity to capture the grandeur of the city’s architecture, and the surrounding area offers plenty of colors and textures to create a unique composition.

The square is especially stunning at night when the building lights illuminate the area, creating a magical and almost ethereal atmosphere. This provides a perfect opportunity for photographers to capture striking night-time shots.

Find Victoria Square Here

Winterbourne House and Garden

Winterbourne House and Garden is a true gem for photographers in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham. The house’s stunning Edwardian architecture is a testament to the region’s history and provides a unique backdrop for photography. The house’s intricate details, including its unique brickwork and stunning stained-glass windows, create a truly enchanting atmosphere.

The garden at Winterbourne House is also an excellent location for photography, featuring an impressive collection of plants and flowers that provide a burst of color and texture to any photograph. The best time to take photos is in the summer when the garden is in full bloom, and the sunlight provides the perfect conditions for capturing stunning shots. The different areas of the garden, including the vegetable garden, rock garden, and walled garden, offer a range of photographic opportunities, each with its unique character and beauty.

For those interested in exploring the history of the region further, the nearby Selly Manor Museum provides a great opportunity to learn about the area’s past and its significance in the region’s history. Overall, Winterbourne House and Garden is a great location for photographers looking to capture stunning shots of unique architecture and vibrant gardens, making it an essential stop for anyone visiting Birmingham.

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Breathtaking Views of Lickey Hills Country Park

Lickey Hills Country Park is a photographer’s paradise, covering over 524 acres of stunning countryside in the south of Birmingham. The park offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and surrounding areas, with rolling hills and lush greenery providing the perfect backdrop for photography. The park’s many trails and paths allow visitors to explore the area and capture stunning shots of the diverse landscapes.

One of the great things about this park is during the summer months the colours of the sky can look really aesthetic. They often carry a warm hue in the sky which bathes the city a golden hue. You’ll want to grab your camera in these instances and be ready to snap and make something truly beautiful.

If you find that you aren’t able to get the shots you hoped – then don’t worry! There’s always post processing software like lightroom. In fact you can easily enhance your photos to bring out their full potential. Simply just focus on the HSL sliders and raise the yellow tones of the image to bring them out more.