Brand New Cocktail Bar 18/81 to open on Thorp Street!

A brand new cocktail bar is coming to Birmingham, in a secret location on Thorp Street.

18/81 is the new bar concept from Robert Wood (former head bartender at The Edgbaston Hotel and 40 St Paul’s, and owner-operator of Smultronställe) and Joe Schuppler (founder of Independent Birmingham) and is set to be a new destination hotspot for cocktail lovers in Birmingham’s Southside and across the city.

A destination cocktail bar looking to bring something new and exciting to Birmingham’s already brilliant independent bar scene, 18/81 will focus around serving the highest quality drinks, in a laid-back and friendly environment.

The menu at 18/81 will focus around a core selection of pre-batched cocktails, where the very best ingredients are combined ahead of time and perfectly diluted, then poured over ice within seconds. In addition to this, 18/81 will also serve a fantastic range of diverse and high-quality spirits – with a suggested classic cocktail for each spirit category, offering customers a way to enjoy these brilliant (and rare) spirits in style. A small wine and beer menu will also be available.

The dedicated and extremely talented bar team have a wealth of experience between them (40 years of combined experience at the very best bars in Birmingham). 18/81 wants to be a cocktail experience, a destination for cocktail lovers, where you can come and try something new and exciting you won’t taste anywhere else in the city – knowing that only the very best ingredients and techniques are used to ensure that your cocktail is of the highest quality and tastes incredible.

The bar itself will not broadcast its location, merely stating it is on Thorp street. Part of the cocktail adventure is finding it. Once located, customers will then ring a doorbell in order to get let in.

18/81 will not take reservations for future dates, only same day bookings via text – keeping 50% of the tables free for walk-ins. If the bar is full, customers will be given a referral card and then texted when their table is ready.

Joe Schuppler –

Having championed and celebrated Birmingham’s independent scene for the last 5 years, I’m hugely excited to now become a part of it – and to add something new and special to this ever-growing and brilliant city. I’ve always had a passion for cocktails, and I’m delighted to team up with Robert Wood to create this destination cocktail bar.

Robert Wood –

Having created something unique in Smultronställe, I am really very excited to take the next step with 18/81. We are actively looking to change the status quo of cocktail bars with 18/81, and myself and the team cannot wait to welcome you to our newest endeavour.

Opening 20 June.

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