Bringing Westeros to Birmingham: Best Nearby Filming Spots to Visit

With an astounding 8.6 rating on IMDB, the success of HBO’s latest series House of the Dragon is undeniable and perhaps set to rival its predecessor Game of Thrones (9.2 on IMDB) in years to come. The series follows the Targaryen family at the beginning of its downfall, some 200 years before the events that take place in Game of Thrones.

Renowned for its stunning scenery, which acts as backdrops to jaw-dropping action scenes, fans of the show can visit some of these sites and relive the action – we’ve listed some of the most local sites for die-hard fans to visit below.

Why House of the Dragon?

If you are yet to watch the show, these locations may not mean much to you as of yet; indulging in the hit series will make visiting these sights that much more special, so definitely get stuck in with the show first. You might be thinking ‘Game of Thrones was hard enough to follow – now another one?’. Well, the quality of writing in these shows means that a tad more attention to detail is required on behalf of viewers. Online Wikis and breakdowns can help to clear up common points of confusion amongst fans; for example, helpful resources by ExpressVPN give us a helpful rundown of how the Targaryen characters of the two shows are linked by blood. Of course, fans will know that the show revolves around family relationships and iconic heritage homes, like grandiose castles and dungeons.

Here are some of the real-life locations for key scenes from the show that you can visit within a few hours of Birmingham.

Eldon Hill

The aesthetic setting of Derbyshire proved an effective spot for filming scenes set in Westeros – Eldon Hill was one of these hot spots. Located in the Peak District and rising 470m into the sky, the combined backdrop of rocky hills and far-reaching greenery was a perfect fit for House of the Dragon. Just looking at the location sparks an image of an epic dragon battle, and the site is no more than a 2-hour drive from Birmingham.

The Shivering Mountain

Funnily enough, this was a name given to the area formally known as Mam Tor by real-life humans, and not citizens of Westeros as the epic-ness of the name might suggest. Brimming with natural beauty, the stone-filled landscape played host to some important scenes in the show, heavily featuring ex-Doctor Who actor Matt Smith, who played Daemon Targaryen in the show.


Just a short trip down the M1 away, the beautiful village was one of the key filming spots for HBO’s latest show, where the classic feel of the location fits right in with the aesthetics of the show. With high-rising hills around the valley, it almost feels as if humans adopted a Westeros village rather than the other way around. The predominantly grey brick builds would have been a lot harder for a certain blonde mother of dragons to burn down, but the internet doesn’t like to reminisce on the final season of GoT too much though, so let’s not linger on that thought – Castleton is stunning, nonetheless. 

Overall, the show is a brilliant successor to George R. R. Martin’s first show, and the filming locations are equally as brilliant. If you are a fan of the show, be sure to take a short trip to these locations; if you’re not a fan, be sure to watch the show!