Can YouTube Videos Be Downloaded?

Can YouTube videos be downloaded? Yes, they can! All you need is some special software and some technical know-how! We’ll show you the way with these steps! This allows you to watch the videos offline or create video production for YouTube accounts and upload your own unique content provided you have the rights to upload.

Does anyone remember the early days of YouTube? The humble website that first launched in 2005 now has more than 2 billion visitors a month who watch hours of content.

Sadly, we may not have the means to watch all the funny cat videos, anime, and series in our free time at home. Many of us are on the go, thanks to work and school. Although we can watch these videos on our phones, the buffering you are likely to experience can be annoying.

Can youtube videos be downloaded? Keep reading to find out.

Can YouTube Videos Be Downloaded?

When you get tired of loading and streaming issues on YouTube, you start to wonder if you can download them to watch. If you have basic download knowledge, you may try right-clicking the video to see if you can save it. While this works on most pages and some videos, YouTube does not offer this capability.

This doesn’t mean you are stuck watching videos on YouTube alone. You can download them too with a bit of effort on your part. You might also wonder if downloading YouTube videos is legal.

YouTube is very strict with its rules. However, the online platform does have flexible Terms of Services in regards to what a viewer can and can’t do. You can download any video available on YouTube so long as it is for personal use.

It’s only illegal if you plan on selling or profiting on videos you download without permission from the original uploader. If a video is blocked, or private on Youtube, you cannot download them on your own or with software. Since there are already methods in place to ensure videos are downloaded in a legal matter, you can download videos without fear.

  1. Go Premium on YouTube

If you want to download videos the easy way, you can do it on YouTube for a price. You can subscribe to YouTube’s premium service and download all the videos you want.

They offer all members a free one-month trial. You can be extra sure you aren’t breaching the platform’s Terms of Service with this method.

If you don’t mind paying $11.99 a month, this is the best option for you if you want to download videos on your phone without running into functional errors and complications.

The only thing to keep in consideration is that you can only download videos to mobile devices. These videos remain in YouTube’s apps, and you cannot move them elsewhere.

  1. Use Online Services

You can also download YouTube videos and other videos from websites like Facebook and Vimeo with online services. Online services work by pasting the Youtube URL you want to download in a box. All you have to do is wait for the URL to finish and you can hit download.

Be very careful with the online websites you choose. Some of them may expose your PC to malware, adware, or viruses if you go to an untrustworthy website. Some of these websites are also loaded with adware or you may see lots of pop-up ads every time you visit the site.

One good online service is U2Convert, but you can find dozens of other websites online. Depending on the site you choose, you may only be able to download one video at a time. Others will allow you to download files in batches.

  1. Use a Video Download Software

A final option you can do is download YouTube videos for free with a video download software. This is the best method for people who want to have the ability to move the videos they download without restriction or having to worry about pop-up ads.

Downloading software like 4Kdownloads also offers more convenient ways for you to download what you love. You can download entire channels or playlists if you wanted to without needing to download videos one at a time.

You can also download music with the mp3 converter setapp or mp3 downloader. All videos from YouTube are converted into MP3 format for easy offline listening

You won’t have to worry about the service taking your personal data or have malware concerns. When you download a video, you have more leeway in converting the format into something you want.

Features You Can Do

Video downloading software will usually provide you with a list of formats to choose from: AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV. The type of format you pick affects what you can watch and how good the quality is.

When you are downloading videos, you may also want to know about quality types such as 360p,480p, 720p, and 1080p. These file types are the most important in regards to quality. The higher the pixel, quality, the larger the file is.

Larger files, of course, will take the longest to download and take up the most space. If you want a good middle balance on quality, select either 720p or 1080p.

Download software gives you the best quality control and format compatibility options. Other cool features you may appreciate is batch download, subtitle options, and speed control. You may also be able to edit the videos you download so you can chop the length of a video and view only what you want.

Offline Video and Music Access

Watching videos on YouTube is all fun and good until you can’t view your videos without interruption. This might happen when you travel or you have a poor internet connection at home.

The good news is there’s a solution for this. You can keep watching the videos and music you love by accessing them offline.

Can youtube videos be downloaded? Absolutely. You can take advantage of one of these three methods to enjoy a buffer-free experience anywhere you are.