Chapter 2 ‘Air’ from The Enchanted Tales story review at Lulu Wild

Other than walking past admiring the floral décor, my only experience of Lulul Wild was a marketing meeting in 2023. The dishes we tasted that day were so good, and whilst I say that, as a big fan of Chinese cuisine, Lulu Wild really did surprise me. I have had mixed experiences previously of Chinese restaurants, such as Henry Wong’s in Harborne some years back, and also overseas in Australia, Canada and Europe where I felt I may as well have paid for a take-away from the local – probably would have been better in some instances, cheaper and bigger portions.

However, Lulu Wild pride themselves on being an authentic Chinese Restaurant in Birmingham, whilst paying great attention to service, detail, taste and décor – they are inventive too!

An invite to hop along and try out the Spring seasonal dish, which is part of their ‘Chapter 2: Air from The Enchanted Tales story’ was an evening to look forward to. Lulu Wild are telling a different story throughout the seasons this year which adds a little bit of spice to an already magical experience.

Upon arriving, my guest and I were pleased to feel the warmth of inside, as we were bloody freezing after a hike around the Jewellery Quarter.

There were guests ahead of us being booked in, and it seemed to be busying up considering it was a cold miserable April Monday!

We were seated, and ordered an Above The Clouds cocktail from the seasonal menu which consists of tequila, coconut & banana. This was so refreshing and smooth, sweet too and I could have had this for dessert with ice cream ha!

Again, choosing from the spring seasonal menu I ordered the Sichaun Crispy Shredded Beef with red chilli and leek.

I have this memory of eating crispy shredded beef from a fantastic all-you-can-eat place in Hockley many years ago, and since then, every time I’ve tried to replicate that experience it has been a huge disappointment. My idea of trying crispy beef at Lulu was that, if these guys can’t do it justice, I’m giving up. I am pleased to say however, they excelled, this was a truly delicious dish. Just the right amount of chewiness, without being too tough, a little heat from the chilli and the leek complimented the beef – it was a superb appetiser for what was to follow.

My companion chose the Chicken and Vegetable Dumpling Pan-Fried Dim Sum served with Black Vinegar a Superior Soya Sauce which was, apparently as tasty as it looked – I managed to eat the edible flower which was a nice touch.

For mains we were served Black Cod with miso, mirin, asparagus & sake. Honey Pork with black vinegar, sesame and steamed jasmine rice. Shimeji Vegetarian Noodle Stir Fry with beansprout, spring onion & soy sauce.

The cod was especially delicious, after having fresh cod in Cornwall recently I think my taste-buds were really being treated here, it was soft yet meaty and matched the fresh delicate taste with flaky texture of my Cornish experience.

Honey Pork hit the spot also, tender with a slight sweet crunch and would match well with the crispy beef. Shimeji stir fry was morish, and I say that as a meat eater, I could have had this as a main for myself easily.

As we had stuffed ourselves with the starters and mains, we finished with another sweet cocktail rather than a dessert and what a perfect end to a lovely evening.

The décor and ambiance sets the scene at Lulu Wild, there are so many beautifully curated nooks n’ crannies to explore such as The Nest and the Boiled Bunny throne, add the tasty Chinese cuisine, top it off with a friendly relaxed yet competent service and you have a special night (or day) out – Lulu Wild really is worth adding to your culinary calendar.

I look forward to the summer seasonal speciality now, but may be back before then for their Bottomless Brunch on Saturdays and Sunday (info here!).. Rockin’ it in Brindley Place.

Words by Nick Byng for Grapevine Birmingham.