Choosing The Right Escooter For A Child

If you have been looking to purchase the ideal escooter for your child, you may be stuck on a variety of choices, or simply looking for confirmation that your choice of escooter for a small child was a good choice.

Here are five simple pointers regarding buying kids electric scooters that will help inform you to make a good choice.

Balance and control

The most important thing is that your child feels completely safe in the escooter they are using. If your child has not yet learned to use a bike without training wheels and not yet proficient on the balance bike. They may not yet be ready for a two wheeled escooter. Balance and the capacity to control the twisting handlebars are an essential part of your child’s capacity to use an escooter. There is a lot of experience necessary for riding and balancing an escooter and you will want to make sure your child is fully up to the challenge.

Then there is the 3-wheeled scooter option that has a larger surface area. The good news is that the 3-wheeled scooter will not drop down or fall over if it doesn’t have support, so it can certainly help a small child without appropriate experience gain some experience before they move on to the two-wheeler option. This is also a good option for the kid looking to travel about unassisted.

If you will be taking your youngster out to try out some options, it is a good idea to have them use both feet to kick off and move about. This will give you a better idea of the balance of the escooter as some kids have an easier time with one foot than the other. You may also consider choosing an option with a good kick-stand.

Weight of the scooter

Scooters come in a variety of weights and the best weight for your child will allow them to use their scooter more efficiently. This comes down to the different metals used in the manufacturing process, so be sure to look around and choose the best appropriate weight. If the weight is too much, your child may become bored or frustrated with the massive amount of energy it requires to get them going. Because the child will need to use the strength to hold the handle bars securely while the escooter gets going, it is a good idea to choose an option they can easily manage.

How heavy is too heavy? Well, can you child pick it up and move it about with ease? If it is collapsible, can your child collapse and set up the bike without assistance? Will your child be asking you for help to carry the escooter often because it is too much for them to handle? All of these questions will help you formulate your choices on the selection process and change the experience of using and operating your escooter.

Is the scooter noisy?

Escooters can be a noisy addition to the neighborhood. If you buy a poor-quality option, you will be able to hear the squeaks and screeching of the machine coming down the street. This may be good for keeping tabs on your youngster at all times, but many families prefer direct supervision and a more stealthy mode of conveyance.

Generally, you will get what you pay for in terms of quality for price. If you purchase lower grade options from cheaper suppliers, you can expect the components used in manufacturing will be suitably low-quality to facilitate a low price.

Check for quality manufacturing by picking up the scooter and shaking it around. Does it sound like a maraca, or shake silent because of the good manufacturing holding all components within tightly together. Of course, it will move silently over the slick floor of the mall, but if you take this option out on gravel road will it remain silent and stalwart — time will tell.

Replacement parts

This is an especially important point for those that are looking to buy an escooter that will last and endure for the foreseeable future. Large families will certainly want to consider the need for repairs, service, maintenance and replacements for their units as time goes by. If you hope to keep your escooter in good conditions for the longest possible time, it will be imperative to look into what replacement parts are available from the manufacturers.


You will find a wide variety of escooters on the market and they are all fun and will provide excitement and travel adventures to different extents and different applications. Some are especially heavy duty and others are better suited to rough riding off roads.

You will need to consider the expectations you have for your escoooter before you make your purchase. Will your child be riding primarily on paved roads, footpaths and other smooth surfaces, or do you need something that will be tearing across gravel paths and other unpaved surfaces with pomp and aplomb?

Knowing exactly what your expectations are for your child and their use of the escooter will give you a better choice of item when you are shopping around.

Always buy for the long-term investment. If you purchase a quality option that can be maintained and passed on to another user when your child outgrows its use, you will save junk from reaching the landfill and ensure the greatest returns for your investment. Just remember that not every scooter is a good option for all riding conditions. Being true to the original purpose of your scooter will improve its longevity considerably.

Final Notes on choosing the Best Escooter for you Child

No matter what you choose, an escooter will provide your child with more than just a dynamic and fun way of getting about. Escooters promote better exercise and introduce your child to the rudimentary dynamics of navigating traffic. With this in mind, choosing the best escooter for their needs is the best way to make the most of these benefits provided.