Cleaning Tips To Help Keep COVID-19 Out Of Your Home


With the Covid-19 outbreak and many deaths in several countries all over the world, people have become more cautious about their well-being. They are trying their best to stay away from this epidemic. Sanitizers, masks, gloves, head caps, and face shields have become a common sight. People are trying to take as many precautions as possible. But as we know, nowadays, the cases of Covid have become asymptomatic. This virus has mutated itself so many times that it had become a significant threat to people’s lives. It is spreading through general cough and sneeze and even remains alive on metal and other surfaces. Its also been declared airborne. So you need to clean your house and keep yourself safe from it in any possible way.

Here are a few steps:

Personal Hygiene:

Following some simple hygiene precautions can assist you in protecting your family’s health and the health of others.

· Keep Your Hands Away From Your Face:

Always touch your eyes, nose, and mouth after sanitizing your hand.

· Avoid Coughing And Sneezing In Public, Into Your Hands:

Make sure to cover your mouth with your hand or a tissue. Throw away the tissues after using.

· Maintain Social Distance:

When you are in a public place, then try to maintain a distance of 2 to 6 meters from others.

· Use Mask:

Covid-19 spreads through droplets that come out from the mouth during talking or while sneezing. So, most importantly, don’t forget to wear a mask when you are at any public place. N 95 covers are most suitable.

· Everyday Keep An Eye On Your Health:

Be aware of any sign of Covid19 in yourself and your family. If symptoms appear, seek medical attention as soon as possible, and stay at home unless you need to see a doctor.

· Frequently Wash Your Hands:

It is one of the best precautions to fight against coronavirus. Try to wash your hands with soap for 20 – 30 seconds. With your hand or After blowing your nose, sneezing into a tissue, using the restroom, putting on and removing your fabric mask, applying make-up, leaving and returning home, preparing or eating food, handling contact lenses, and so on, make sure to wash your hands.

You also can use sanitizer with 60% alcohol to sanitize your hands.

· Clean The Surroundings Of Your Home:

Disinfect those surfaces of your home which are being touched by others ( door handle, taps, bathroom surface, mobile phones, switches ). Keep your surroundings clean to reduce the chance of infection. Always clean your bedding, and use durable items like bedding. And for a neat look, go for Sateen bed sheets as Percale is wrinkle-prone.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for safe and effective cleaning, including any measures you need to take when applying the product, such as wearing gloves and ensuring adequate ventilation.

You can go through the complete list of suggested COVID-19 virus-fighting products by the national authority.

What Should You Use to Disinfect And Clean?

First, clean the surface with soap or detergent, disinfect the surface using a disinfection product containing alcohol (about 70%) or bleach, clean the area. Always be sure to wear suitable gloves. When thinking about where to buy gloves, try Unigloves sale & deals online for a variety of quality gloves that will help protect your hands whilst using disinfectants.

Some disinfectant sprays also can be used. Disinfectant sprays and wipes can be challenging to come by in many regions.

Direction To Disinfect Your House:

Always read the manufacturer’s directions to use the disinfectant properly. Some detergents and sprays would retain on the surface. Some should not be applied to electronic gadgets. But remember to use the sprays and detergents once in a while to clean your house.

Clean clothes-

Though it is not clear if the coronavirus can retain on fabric or not, if it can – then how long it can survive on it is still not known. So, it would be better to clean your clothes regularly. And after a long day of work, prefer to wash the clothes you were wearing immediately as you return home.

Do laundry at home:

Along with cleaning your clothes, towels at home, washing your bed sheet is inevitable. So, at an interval of a few days, your beddings and all used clothes need to be cleaned. Don’t shake filthy laundry to prevent the virus from spreading.

Launder objects with detergent or soap, and wash in the warmest water. Then correctly dry them. All of these processes assist in eliminating the virus.

After that, wash your hands with soap and water or apply an alcohol-based hand rub.

Laundry outside the home

Prepare your laundry before leaving the house so that you spend less time outside of the home.

If possible, go when there are fewer people.

Maintain a physical gap of at least one meter between yourself and others.

If disposable gloves are available, use them, disinfect all machine surfaces, and avoid touching your face.

Wait outside for your washing to finish if you’re using an indoor laundry facility.

Use alcohol-based sanitizers to clean your hands whenever necessary.

Precautions While Preparing Food And How To Handle The Packaging:

While removing the plastic coverings, over-packaged foods, disinfect them first with sanitizers. Repeatedly you must wash the vegetables and other foods with water. This removes any germs on them. When you go to the marketplace then, please don’t allow your hand to touch your face. And avoid gatherings. If you have ordered your food over delivery, then avoid contact with the delivery boy. And sanitize the packaging. And remove the food from its take-out containers.

Remember to remove the unnecessary coverings of packaged food immediately after returning home. Sanitizing the packaging when you can.

Other Food Hygiene Directions:

• Washing hands before preparing or eating for at least 20 seconds.

• Warm and cook the food to a recommended temperature.

• Keep the vegetables and fruits in the fridge to avoid them going bad.

• Dispose of the household waste each morning.

• Wash dishes and your hands before having a meal and after the meal.


So, these above directions will help you to stay healthy and keep coronavirus away from your home.