Coronation Cocktail at Lucarelli Mailbox

Take a bow to the “King of Cocktails” – a special blend created by Lucarelli restaurant to commemorate the Coronation of our new King. This cocktail is mixed with Scotch Whiskey, paying homage to the Royal Family’s Scottish ancestry and King Charles’ love for a good Scotch whiskey after dinner, with Glenfiddich being one of his favorites. To add robustness and complexity, they have infused it with Drambuie, a spiced whiskey-based liqueur, and fresh raspberries. 

To complete this regal cocktail, they’ve added a touch of champagne in memory of Queen Elizabeth, who preferred to sip good champagne during the day, symbolizing the continuity of the royal family. The red and golden hues of this cocktail perfectly reflect the colors of the Royal crown. It’s a perfect tribute to Royalty in every sip.

Available now until May 8th at Lucarelli Mailbox, Lucarelli Knightsbridge and Lucarelli West Bromwich and Emporio Artari in Touchwood Solihull.

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Photo credit : Delicious PR