Dealing cars in the UK’s second largest city: what you need to know to get started

Birmingham is a vibrant, multicultural city situated slap bang in the middle of the country. It caters to a wide range of people from various walks of life, offering sundry cultural events, an eclectic food and drink scene, fantastic nightlife and a vast array of retailers. It is a great place to set up a business, particularly one dealing with cars, however there are a few factors to bear in mind before getting started.

Identify a target audience

Birmingham is one of the most diverse cities in the UK, with over twenty-five nationalities calling the area home.

It is vitally important before entering the world of car dealership that you have an idea of who your archetypal buyer will be, including their age range, gender, income, education and interests. That way, when it comes to selling your vehicles, you will know exactly who to target, rather than trying to appeal to everyone by being overly broad about what it is you are offering.

It is a saturated market?

Currently in Birmingham, there are more than two hundred car dealerships. This means that setting up your own business in the city will not be a walk in the park; undoubtedly requiring you to make an effort to fully understand the way the market works in that area.

If you can find a niche, then all the better. However, what’s most important is to truly get to grips with the location in which you are working, who the successful car dealerships are, and what makes them so successful, whether it’s their advertising, the quality of the vehicles they sell, or a business model built on decades of loyalty.

Finding the right insurance is key

Getting properly insured to cover you when driving someone else’s car is clearly an essential part of becoming a car dealer. You will need to Find Motor Trade Insurance so that you are covered for vehicles that have been left in your possession and are no longer covered by the vehicle’s owner. This differs from regular car insurance, as it is specifically designed with car dealers in mind.

Not all motor trade insurance is the same, therefore it is worth taking the time out to have a look around for the best value that ensures you won’t run into any difficulties further down the line.

Finesse your selling technique

Gone are the days when car dealers could use persistent and aggressive selling tactics to get a deal done. Nowadays, people are more switched on than ever when it comes to all the various methods for getting them to part with their hard earned cash, meaning it could be an instant turn off you fail to adopt a more subtle approach.

Devising an effective selling technique and applying it consistently is the key to creating a successful business that people will like and trust. With so much competition now on the market thanks to the arrival of the internet, you will need to make sure that you have a tight sales pitch that caters to the modern day buyer if you are to win over potential customers.