Discover Some Couch Cleaning Secrets

Couches are a great addition to every living room. They bring with them a fantastic sense of style and comfort. However, with great appeal, they also undergo a lot of wear and tear. From eating meals or watching TV, or snuggling with a pet, your couch easily absorbs body oils, dust, dirt, and cooking odors.

Keep your couch clean

For most homeowners, similar to upholstered furniture, deep cleaning the couch and living room seems like a mammoth task. However, experts give you some simple tips to clean your couch without hassles below-

Decode your couch

When it comes to cleaning your couch, you need to learn about it first. You should know the nature of the fabric that has been used in its upholstery and look out for codes on the tags. The following are the common codes for cleaning you will find on tags-

  1. W- This means you can use water for cleaning the couch
  2. WS- indicates you can use any dry-cleaning agent or a very mild detergent and later steam vacuum the couch
  3. X- denotes no water should be used
  4. S- implies clean with only a dry-cleaning detergent

In case you do not see anything on the tag, you can always ask an expert to help you. The couch covers should also be cleaned correctly. The nature of the fabric should be taken into account during the cleaning process.

How should you clean the couch?

When it comes to cleaning your couch, ensure that you do it regularly to curb the long-term effects of a spill or damage from daily wear and time. The following three simple rules should be followed when it comes to enhancing the appeal and the longevity of the couch-

  1. Use a dry brush- You should invest in a good dry brush to loosen any small pieces of fabric, debris, or dirt on the couch.
  2. Vacuum- Use your vacuum on a very low setting. It will aid in removing items that you have been able to loosen up with the dry brush. At the same time, those items that have been embedded deep into the couch can be loosened up as well.
  3. Switch your cushions- You can flip the couch cushions to reduce the appearance of them being worn out. Do this regularly to make your couch look clean.

Deep cleaning

There are some cases where you might need to deep clean the couch. Before doing this, test the quality of the fabric. You can use baking soda for cleaning as it is safe for most types of fabric. You can sprinkle it on the couch and let it sit for some minutes. Later vacuum the couch. For tough stains, take a little vinegar and warm water with dish wash soap. Combine all the ingredients in a spray bottle, apply it to the stain and let it sit for some seconds. Wipe clean with a cotton cloth.

If you are considering shampooing your couch, it is prudent to contact professional carpet cleaners for the task. They will clean the couch correctly so that it stands as graceful and elegant as it was in your living room without damage. Here are some more great specialist cleaning (North west) tips if you are still unsure or wish to pay someone to do it for you.