Dishoom pauses collection and delivery.. but you can create your own curry from their Cookery Book!

Last week’s decision to close the restaurants to dining guests, and to postpone the launch of Dishoom Birmingham, was difficult and deeply sad for all of us. Since then, we’ve been absolutely blown away by the love, generosity and support that has been shown to our team. From spreading the word of our burgeoning takeaway and delivery service, to offering to support us in any way possible, everyone has been so big-hearted. We won’t forget it, and we are deeply, sincerely grateful.

But, after a whirlwind weekend satisfying our guests’ Dishoom needs from afar, things have changed again. Yesterday, we looked at the world around us and at our wonderful team, and felt that we needed to do more. So, we arrived at the decision to halt all collection and delivery from our restaurants, in order to send our team home to stay safe and well with their loved ones. A socially distanced Dishoom family – but still a family nonetheless.

The circumstances we find ourselves in today are unprecedented. There is no playbook, no clearly defined path through this. The decisions we have made to date reflect what we believe to be right for our people and our business. Not everyone will make the same choices, and to our wider hospitality family we give our unreserved respect and support. To brighter days of bustling restaurants, brim-full glasses and big-hearted hospitality.

While our restaurants are closed and takeaway is off the table (so to speak), we offer solace in our cookery book, which is most certainly still available to order. We sincerely hope it may bring Dishoom, joy and plenty of Daal to your home. From all of us, with love.

Shamil, Kavi & the Dishoom team