Essential Tips for Starting Up a Business in Birmingham City Centre

Starting up your own business is an extremely exciting but also exhausting time. Seeing your initial business idea turn into a true venture and bloom into a reality is a fulfilling feeling that often can’t be matched.

Launching that business in the heart of Birmingham city centre can make the experience even more worthwhile and lifechanging, especially if you already live here and have the chance to establish yourself in the place that you live.

Any start up comes with challenges, though, which is why this guide will be helpful for any budding entrepreneur in Birmingham.

Choosing Your Base

You’ve already chosen your city, but cities are big places. Where in the city is the hub of your business going to reside? This choice will have effects on the rest of your business, especially if you make this an office and if it’s where you will be working every day.

When choosing a location for your base or office, consider these things:

  • Distance to public transport
  • Accessibility (is there a car park nearby?)
  • Space/capacity
  • Ambience (is there too much noise from outside traffic?)

If your base is going to be where your customers primarily reach you, perhaps you should consider a location that is accessible from the Bullring and Grand Central.

Sourcing Your Supplies

Every business needs supplies, even if you don’t plan on selling stock.

Choosing a trustworthy supplier for your stock, office supplies, IT services, or whatever it is you may need, is a decision that many new business owners can overlook, but it is incredibly important to the running of your business. If your supplier is not reliable, this can impact how your business performs, and ultimately reduce your profits.

If you are launching a dentistry and need to buy dental supplies, you need to know that they are of an excellent quality and that your patients can trust your equipment.

Make sure to research different avenues for suppliers, try to find reviews from others who have sourced from them and always have a back-up supplier in case something unexpected comes up.

Hiring Employees

As your new Birmingham business starts to boom, you will need to expand your team and invite in some new hires. When your business is young, it can be difficult to trust new people with your new business, but it is an essential part of growth. Birmingham is full of young professionals looking for the opportunities that your business can offer them, so take that chance.

Most employers opt for a traditional interview when whittling down candidates, but to truly find the one that will best suit your business venture, a trial may be more useful. You get to see their skills in action and see how they handle certain situations, which is especially useful if the role involves interacting with customers or patients.

During the trial, look for evidence of:

  • Self-sufficiency
  • Innovative thinking
  • Independence
  • Willingness to ask questions
  • And any other skills you think are relevant for their position

Starting up a new business is the beginning of a brand-new adventure. Make sure you get off on the right foot with these tips.