Esther Broomhall & Partners Branches Out In Community By Joining In Tree Planting Initiative

Local estate agent, Esther Broomhall & Partners (EB&P) based in Knowle, Solihull is helping to reduce its impact on the planet and make a difference in the community by joining in Planting Our Future run by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

As it is National Tree Week this week (26th November – 2nd December), Esther Broomhall and Lucy Cullen from EB&P joined Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council in planting a mix of 15 select standard Oak, White Beam, Birch, Maple, Hawthorn and Cherry trees across the Solihull borough, including Copt Heath Drive, Knowle.

The new trees will protect nature, create wildlife hubs and also ensure that Solihull remains a leafy suburb for future generations to enjoy.

In addition to these trees, EB&P have also planted 15 trees as part of The Queens Green Canopy and these trees will be planted in schools and urban areas to honour her Majesty’s name and to benefit future generations across the United Kingdom.

Esther commented: “We want to be an integral part of our local community and loving where we live is an essential part of our business model and these small details, or select standards in this case, can make a big difference.

“We understand how important it is to protect the future of the next generation and we all need to make a difference to our planet to prevent global warming, ensure we protect natural habitats so nature can thrive and help reduce our carbon footprint. By supporting this local initiative means we are giving something back and making a positive impact in our community and supporting The Queen’s Green Canopy means we are honouring her Majesty and also giving something back on a national level too.”

Planting our Future is committed to planting 250,000 new trees in the borough within 10 years.

For further information about selling or buying a home visit or call Esther and the team on 01564 791010.