Events and Websites: Everything You Need to Know

Creating a website for an event is standard practice. If it is successful, then you can expand that same website so that it contains information on past and future events. This will, in turn, become a place not just to learn more about the event, but where people can go to keep up to date with the news, buy tickets, and so on.

As an events company, you too need to invest in your websites. This is particularly true if you manage events in multiple locations or for multiple companies. By taking over your client’s event website, you can increase your income.

Creating a Website Family

You will want to create a website family to do this. What this means is that, on the back end of things, you are in control of all the sites. You will need a strong server to do this and have a dedicated team working to keep these websites fresh with content. Only then can they all benefit from each other.

How Can You Successfully Manage a Website Family?

To successfully manage a series of websites for different locations or clients, you will want to:

Know When It is Appropriate to Make a New Website

If you are an events company that creates and manages events throughout the entire country, it is in your best interest to create new domains or departments that have a more local focus.

If you operate in NYC and London, for example, having a head company website as your corporate base of operations and then an NYC website and a London based site. These sites will then be used to promote the events in their city and will be far easier to market with a local focus than trying to market globally across the pond.

Ensure You Have the Speed and Power

Managing multiple high-traffic websites will put a huge strain on your systems if you are using a shared hosting service. In other words, you need to upgrade. Your options are to either invest in your own dedicated server or to opt for a VPS.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is ideal for large websites or companies that manage many websites. Having a VPS UK service for your NYC and London site will help your sites stay fast, powerful, and secure.

How Can You Market An Event Website?

Marketing an event website needs paid marketing and great PR. Events are exceptionally good PR opportunities because many agencies, individuals, and organizations want to be the go-to source for what’s on in the area.

Some places you can market your event:

  • Local establishments like Café’s, stores, community centers, schools
  • Through the local news agencies
  • With radio shows
  • With podcasts
  • With industry relevant magazines
  • In partnership with local celebrities or influencers
  • Collaborating online
  • Paid marketing on Google or Social Media

And so much more. Each event is unique, so be prepared to think outside the box when the time comes to market a new event. Try to get them to visit your website, so that guests can sign up to a newsletter and stay in the loop for future events.


Websites and events go hand in hand. As an event organizer, you will want to start to create and manage multiple websites either per location or for your clients. This way, you can attract more clients and strengthen your digital presence online. Market these websites through a mix of digital and traditional marketing.