Fashion and Psychology: Stylish Shoes and Men’s Personality

It isn’t surprising that any element of a man’s fashion choice will be connected to his personality, especially when that is something as important as the pair of shoes he is wearing. Stay with us as we discuss effective ways to appear more stylish, confident, and in tune with your own personality, just by matching the right pair of shoes to the right occasion.

Right Shoes for the Right Occasion: What It Says About a Man’s Personality

Fashion is not just about conforming to the boring standards set by many others before you; it is also about setting your own style trends by standing aside from others in a good way. However, there are certain basic rules of fashion, occasion, etiquette, and decency that do not change with time.

These liberties have their limits and playing within those limits and sometimes even stretching them can be ideal, but if you attend a wedding in your favorite pair of worn-out jeans and designer sneakers, that’s when you start standing out for all the wrong reasons!

Dressing for the occasion shows that a man knows his fashion and etiquette, which speaks highly of your background, stature, and social IQ. You can actually wear sneakers to a formal occasion like that wedding if you know how to, but we will get to that part next.

Stretching the Lines Intelligently: How Planned Fashion Experiments Boost a Man’s Impression

Just as trying to stand out for the sake of standing out paints that person as a poser or someone who is trying too hard, if a man can pull it off with panache, stretching those lines can also work in his favor. To illustrate that, let’s take the example of wearing sneakers to a wedding, which was previously discarded as being rude and unappealing.

Sneakers do not always have to be bright, so we are going to take the classic black route here. For an occasion like a wedding, where brown derbies or brogues would be better suited than their black counterparts (more professional), the black color provides even designer sneakers the perfect dose of formal camouflage.

Pair black sneakers with a pair of grey chinos, a black party shirt and an open navy blazer on top to complete the look. Now, you will be standing out for all the right reasons, portraying a confident personality with a strong sense of true fashion. As far as the actual sneaker is concerned, stick to something premium like the Black Allover Logo Urban Knots Givenchy sneakers, as seen on SSENSE.

This luxury clothing and accessories brand has a wide collection of other Givenchy sneakers in there as well, so do explore your options while you are there. SSENSE also has some exclusive sneakers from various top designers in their collection, but keep the style statement, plan and occasion in mind before choosing.

The Relationship between Price, Quality, and Success

You do not have to go all out and spend a fortune for an exclusive, special edition variant, but ensuring that you are wearing shoes from a designer brand in good taste is definitely going to reflect positively on your personality. On the other hand, if you can afford those luxurious, limited edition Givenchy sneakers, it does show that you are successful and confident.

It may seem superficial, and in some ways, it can even be considered so, but then again, delving in fashion and trying to change that into something affordable and plain are not two moves that gel well together. Most successful men look the part too and they never wear cheap shoes!

There is a Difference Between Old and Worn-Out: Old Wins!

A well-maintained pair of leather shoes can last for years and not look worn out. However, old leather gains its own appealing texture with time and care, which sets it apart from a new pair. Those well cared for leather shoes from a reputed designer speaks volumes about the caring nature of a man’s personality, which once again sets him apart from others who might be wearing brand new shoes from similarly prestigious brands.

There is a lot to learn about fashion trends for sure, but the trends keep changing with each passing season and year. On the other hand, as long as a man has the basics of his fashion covered, it’s never too hard for him to make a few subtle changes to stay in vogue.

More importantly, the key basics we just discussed will help you stay ahead of the game, whether you are at a casual Sunday meet with the guys in your relaxing pair of White Wing Givenchy sneakers, or rocking an office presentation while wearing a suave pair of black Spazzolato Naples Derby formals. Pay attention to your style, so you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.