Fierce’s Healing Gardens of Bab at Selfridges review

Selfridges has partnered with Fierce’s Healing Gardens of Bab and is hosting some unique, interesting and thoroughly entertaining events and I was invited to choose one to attend. The Botanical Beat Make Up Tutorial, by the amazing Drag Artist Lilith (@herelieslilith_), immediately caught my attention as a fellow make up enthusiast and I jumped at the chance to attend.

With an extensive knowledge and passion eager to share with those wanting to learn the basics or widen the skills they already have, the artist who was accompanied by Suzi Looz (@susilooz), guided us with tips and tricks as well as demonstrating their own brush skills creating an amazing look that I’m eager to recreate myself.

The class was held on the second floor of Selfridges, among the rails of clothes and eager shoppers. But the leafy, tranquil oasis of The Green Room, with it’s artsy and healing environment had you in no way feeling as though you were in the middle of a bustling shopping centre.

I arrived early and got to meet everyone before hand, being treated to a coffee and getting to know about those involved as well.

I was pleasantly taken aback when I was guided to the space, as I said previously because of it’s calm beauty and I was greeted with friendly, welcoming individuals who made me feel very at ease while finishing setting up for their event. Very kindly I was allowed to take photos before hand and met a very talented and lovely photographer Shaun Evans (@magoozine) who was photographing the event.

Once the class started everyone was encouraged to join in and use the products provided by Selfridges, from eyeshadow palettes to brushes, eye primers and gems.

I thought this was a excellent touch, as you could easily just pop upstairs after and purchase whatever you used or liked, without the hassle of finding something similar or having to shop elsewhere.

The attendees varied in ages and styles, all of us each doing different looks under the watchful eye of our teacher and whenever one of us had a question or even just needed help, we were guided and given step by step instructions on how to achieve the desired look we were going for.

From neon green shadow, to purple gem looks and pink blown out cat eyes, the room was definitely not just filled with the stunning art work on the walls because by the end of the Beat Make Up Tutorial, we all left with our own art work created on our faces.

The overall atmosphere was happy and laidback, there was no judgment or criticism. Which made it easier to try new things out you usually wouldn’t dare to on yourself and have fun doing it.

Selfridges and Fierce have created a safe and creative space where people can enjoy and learn new things together, that they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to. Whilst meeting some very interesting, talented and friendly people.

I would love to attend more of the events, as they all sound like so much fun and if you’re like me and enjoy trying new things, as well as maybe finding a skill you never knew you had, then definitely have a look and get yourself booked in!

Words and Photos by Wallis Brown for Grapevine Birmingham (