Four New Hobbies to Get Brummies Active and Outdoors

Living in the UK’s second-largest city means that most Brummies are decidedly urban folk – used to built-up areas and not necessarily engaged in outdoor activities in nature. It’s the same in all big cities, where the joys of the natural world are eclipsed by the pulsating energy of the urban landscape and its many delights. But it’s possible for Midlanders to enjoy both ends of this dichotomy – living fast in the city and taking the time to be active in the outdoors. Here’s how you’ll do it, with four tips for new hobbies in and around the city.

Get Skating

Skateboarding is the perfect example of an outdoor sport that’s also an urban activity. You’ll not see too many skateboards in the forests and trails in the Midlands area – they tend to stick to certain areas of the city, where there are large skateparks for you to enjoy. Picking up this skill can be difficult at first, but once you’ve climbed the learning curve, you’ll be confident enough to take your skateboard anywhere in the city for some fun. When you’re starting out, do buy skateboard helmets UK and other safety gear so that you don’t suffer bangs or scrapes as you learn.

Water Sports

If you’re interested in learning to sail or row – brilliant sports that you can take to any body of water in the world – then there’s always Edgbaston Reservoir, which is only a hop, skip and jump from the city centre. Here, there are clubs that you can join and take lessons at in various water sports – and a community of like-minded people who love getting in the water underneath a sail or between the oars. This is the perfect hobby for those looking for a little adrenaline on the peaceful waters of the reservoir.

Canal Adventures

Like plenty of major UK cities, Birmingham is replete with canals and their adjacent walkways. They’re places that get fairly busy in the mornings and the evenings, with people taking the time to stroll, jog, run, cycle and skate along these traffic-free thoroughfares. With miles upon miles of canals passing through the city, these are the perfect places to enjoy a fitness kick without having to breathe in the fumes of cars on the major roads of the city. Take yourself down to the canal to get yourself fit and to enjoy the outdoors.

Walks and Hikes

Finally, Birmingham really isn’t far from some of the UK’s most alluring beauty spots. Yes, you’ll have to take a train to get out towards the Shropshire Hills or up to the Peak District, but these are places that any Birmingham resident can spend an active weekend outdoors – hiking or cycling through rural vistas. These places have their own cafes and pubs catering towards people spending their days outdoors – so you can expect fireplaces and hearty meals in between your hikes and cycles.

Use these four hobbies as inspiration to get outdoors and enjoy the natural world in and around Birmingham – where you’ll enjoy fresh air, a fitness boost, and even new friends.