Four reasons to visit the Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea sits between the Italian and Balkan peninsulas, surrounded by incredible natural beauty and culture in the likes of Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania and Montenegro.

It’s an offshoot of the Mediterranean, known for its crystal clear waters, calm currents and beautiful weather. The Adriatic is an often undervalued gem in Europe, but here’s why it shouldn’t be.

Calm seas

The Croats have a famous saying: “calm as oil”, which refers to the Adriatic. It’s an apt description because the sea is so often tranquil, particularly around coastal regions. The crystal clear blue colour is absolutely astonishing too.

Sheltered from the vast open stretches of the Mediterranean, few waves and swells make the Adriatic perfect for swimming, sailing, snorkelling and diving. If you’re a sea lover, you have to give it a try.

Stunning coastlines

The coastlines surrounding the Adriatic offer just about everything you need for a fascinating trip. Gorgeous beaches, mesmerising landscapes and beautiful islands are prominent across the whole region.

Roughly 1,300 islands, each with its own charm and character, populate the Adriatic Sea. One named Galešnjak is heart-shaped, perfect if you’re wanting a day trip on a romantic getaway. The coastline is a great hiking destination and you can find some of the best walking in Croatia by the sea.

Picturesque ports and seaside towns

The Adriatic region is famous for the tremendous ports and seaside towns that add so much culture and character to the area. Dubrovnik, for example, is one of the jewels of Croatia and is a stunning ancient port town with commanding walls.

On the Italian coast, Venice is near the very top of the Adriatic. It’s a city known all over the world, featured in so many films over the years. It’s a floating city, built on and around 100 small islands. You travel by boat instead of road, which is a fantastic experience if you haven’t done it already.

Amazing weather

The climate of the Adriatic also makes it a perfect spot for holidays. Soak up some rays on the sunniest islands, Korčula and Hvar, which enjoy nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.

Average temperatures along the Adriatic coast span between 26°C and 30°C in the summer, perfect for enjoying the spectacular sights of the surrounding region. Cool off in the calm waters and enjoy the rich heritage of the nearby towns and landmarks in glorious sunshine.

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