From Birmingham to Copenhagen: Real Life Miniatures

With the Public Transport in Birmingham leaving a lot to be desired, many have sought out alternatives. Right now you are probably thinking of services like Uber, cycling to work and even walking for those who live close enough.

What you probably haven’t considered is taking a casino work. Yes, driving a casino to work.

This inimitable, diesel casino was revealed by Birmingham’s Grosvenor Casino recently. The Black London taxi not only comes with a gaming table, but also a live dealer, internet gambling facilities and – yes – a bar as well. Now that is one fancy way to commute!

If you fancy playing some blackjack hands inches from a gear stick or want to hand brake all the way to the bank, then hop in and have a game whilst being ferried to your next destination.

For those interested in doing a bit of gaming before or even after work, Euro Palace recently put together an online guide to help the newbies of the gaming world find their way.

The cab also come equipped with TV’s which beam live sport for placing bets while you’re ‘in play! You can keep up to date with City and Villa while having a casual game of craps. Bliss!

Be sure to look out for those cabs across Birmingham in the coming weeks and months!

If having a round of poker on the way to work isn’t quite your thing though, but you really like all things miniature, then perhaps the world’s smallest Hotel is more up your street.

Paper Blog

Not quite in Birmingham, but only a few hours by Plane, the Central Café in Copenhagen is remarkably small with only one room!

For the rather pricey £170 a night you get an en-suite bathroom, Wi-Fi and a TV. You do, however, get the pleasure of saying you have the whole hotel to yourself!

Honest Cooking

On a similar note, just across Europe is the world’s smallest restaurant. With room for just two diners, the Solo Per Due restaurant in Vacone, Italy is quite the intimate venue.
The owner and head chef, Remo Di Claudio only accepts orders via email, so if you want a table, be prepared to join a long and exclusive waiting list.
Costing 250 Euro’s per person, you will need fairly deep pockets to enjoy this romantic treat, but a bit of luck in the miniature casino on the way should set your right.