Fun Ways to Make Your Event More Memorable

In today’s world, everything is about the experience. People want to go to events that are done well and offer a unique experience in some way. 

If you’re hosting an event or party, whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party, a baby shower, a wedding, an anniversary, or anything in between, you want to make sure that your guests have a great time and everyone has fun. Be the ultimate party planner and make sure your guests talking about your event for a long time afterwards by planning something a bit more special than your everyday party. 

Here are some fun ways you can elevate your event and make it memorable and even more exciting. 

Have a theme

Pre-planning your party around a theme can add personality and encourage your guests to have a bit more fun. Invite them to participate and get more involved by dressing up in a relevant costume or wearing the right dress code, by bringing food that relates to the theme in some way, or by adding to the decorations. For more elegant events like a wedding or another formal celebration, the theme can be subtler, but for fun, carefree events like birthday parties, why not go all out? Model your party after a favourite movie or TV show, decorate it based on a classic theme like a costume party or time period party, or get creative and come up with your own based around what kind of event you’re throwing. 

Indeed, recent shows like Game of Thrones and The Witcher prove that the medieval times remain one of the best theme inspirations for parties. Gather everyone for a night of romance and adventure as they get dressed or cloaked in the best costumes from the era. With all the skirts, corsets, vests, pants, capes, and robes available, it’s one of those parties where no one doesn’t have to break a sweat to find a costume.

Get a photo booth

Having a photo booth at your event or party will definitely be a smash hit with your guests. You could get a full party photo booth for a bigger party, or go more minimalist and get a slim and stylish selfie pod from photo booth hire Birmingham. Either way, your guests will have so much fun taking pictures together and capturing memories. Everyone who takes pictures with the photo booth can then get copies, so they can look back and remember your event, plus you can get a digital copy of every photo taken, so you can keep the memories too. 

Hire a band

Who doesn’t love live music? You could surprise your guests with a band to set the mood or liven things up and get people on their feet and dancing. If you’re going with a theme, you can hire a local band that plays music to 
match the theme. 

Include activities

The last thing you want is your guests to be bored at your event, so make sure they’re entertained and have plenty to keep them occupied during any downtime or in between main events. Activities like temporary tattoo stations, dessert-decorating stations, or event-wide trivia are just some examples of ways to add a bit of personality and fun. For a more casual event, you could even go all out and have an area for adults to be big kids again, like a ball pit, a bounce house, or even a Sumo suit wrestling rental.