Fuzzbox new single Voodoo Feline 239 featuring Maggie Dunne & Sugary Staple

Voodoo Feline is the new single from Fuzzbox featuring Maggie Dunne and Sugary Staple. With Jenny Tingle on flute and drums, this exciting new lineup explores industrial music, world music, punk rock and reggae in a bundle that transcends the genres with four exciting mixes, including an electronic house mix by Alan Keary who has worked with the likes of Craig Gannon from The Smiths and Aztec Camera as well as working with Jah Wobble and Interstellar on the Rise and Fall of the Northern Dubstar album (Universal).
Produced by Mike Bennett, who produced the last Fuzzbox double album ‘Reimagined’, and Gary Watts of Nature of Wires, the project utilises the experimental skills of the magnificently talented Maggie Dunne.
It’s a track from the forthcoming concept album, as yet untitled, and explores a myriad of different themes and is bound together by taking the listener into different vortexes and at times scary places via an ethereal contraption known as ’The Lyft’.
Released on Suburban Squire via Nova/The Orchard on the 24th of March, this track is well worth checking out.