GorillaBot release new video I’m Just a Robot

GorillaBot follow up last year’s debut EP Malware with new video I’m Just a Robot.

There are many great bands in this city but none as mysterious and unhinged as the bizarre triumvirate of Ben Bot, El Bajo and Jack Gorilla, who collectively make a racket on planet Robotopia as GorillaBot. A funked up mash of Beefheartian pop rock noise, if you haven’t already then check out debut EP Malware, a dysfunctional viral rock masterpiece. With the release of new video I’m Just a Robot, GorillaBot have invited us all into their garish cardboard wonderland of psychedelic madness, forged in Birmingham but decidedly off-world mentally. Six minutes of cutting edge effects, created using pritt stick and scissors, as the boys lift off into their surreal universe. Put on your helmet, high vis jacket and mask, wave your banana’s in the air and tag along for the ride. Be sure to catch them live, you won’t forget it. Watch the video here. Beep.

Article by Giles Logan