Haig Club Bar review by Mazzy Snape

Haig Club Bar is a brand new whisky bar set on the 25th floor of The Cube, just to the side of Marco Pierre White’s. It’s setting is one of it’s selling points, with a soaring view of the city. Haig whisky is of course famous for being David Beckham’s own brand, and coming in a rather fetching blue glass bottle.

The only whisky however, that is served is Haig and Haig Clubman – with various cocktails using both.

On arriving we are handed a glass of Haig whisky with Fever Tree Cola, Fever Tree Tonic has become one of my favourite mixers with gin and I’m pleased to say their cola did not disappoint.

The bar boasts breath-taking views of the city, and the main bar itself is decorated with Haig and Haig Club bottles which are in themselves things of beauty. The chairs and tables are a little hotel-lobby but who cares when you can gaze across the city scape drink in hand!

We are then given a shot of both Haig Club and Haig Clubman, on tasting myself and my companion preferred the slightly more expensive Haig club which was smooth and lighter than most whisky’s I had tried before.

After this food dishes were served with accompanying cocktails. Food served included chicken in peanut butter, papayas brass, skewered duck meat and black pudding balls.

First of the cocktails was ‘Pears in Paradise’ refreshing and fruity. Next was a ‘Ginger Julip’ which was a bit too sugary for my taste buds. They did a rather quirky version of an old fashioned which tasted great. Finally an ‘Apple Mule’ which tased as you would expect. Our favourite of the evening was ‘Pears in Paradise’ although we did sample (& get involved in making) a couple more cocktails which were rather nice.

Overall I thought Haig Club bar is probably a good place to go to ease someone into drinking whisky, as it is not as strong tasting as many whisky’s are and to drink it in different cocktails. It would probably be a good place to go as a couple if one of you loved whisky and the other hated it as a kind of middle ground.

Review by Mazzy Snape for Grapevine Birmingham & Photos by David Miller