Hidden Treasures in The Vaults

Aptly named, The Vaults Birmingham has to be one of the most atmospheric venues in the city…

The Vaults BarOn descent to the subterranean bar, stepping past each of the cosy private booths on either side of the walk way, this old, its clear that this dimly lit space is more than up to date in terms of entertainment, food and drinks.

A glance at the drinks menu shows all the old favourites in terms of cocktails, however I recommend the option listed at the top of the menu, to request a bespoke cocktail, the staff at The Vaults are happy to, and well adept at, making a high quality drink to anyone’s tastes, especially with their intimidating great range of spirits on the back bar.

The VaultsThere is also the option to hire these atmospheric, curtained alcoves with the added bonus of a waitress per every 2 booths, an option I recommend also, due to The Vault’s plans for arts integration in the venue.

At a time when the arts are struggling, through countless government cuts in funding, investment in the arts has never been so important, or more needed by the public.

As part of their up and coming re-ferb The Vaults is commissioning artwork from Birmingham based artists ranging from painting to sculpture to video pieces that will be shown in your very own booths.

State BirminghamIn addition to this [State], an established performance art night runs once a month beneath the city exploring the most imaginative new themes. Entry to [State] is free of charge and offers something no one else can in terms of original entertainment.

If Performance art is a bit too out there for you, The Vaults also holds a DJ night, Blue Light Special, every Friday and Saturday, and takes advantage of its sultry settings with a speed dating singles night every Thursday.

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Article by Bec Randle