How Can I Live A Healthier Lifestyle?

Nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to health. We could all benefit from a healthier lifestyle. It can be easy to develop small bad habits that eventually turn into a whole unhealthy lifestyle that begins to have serious effects on your well-being. These may take years to develop; however, you could improve the quality of your life by taking steps now.

The holiday period is a great time to celebrate and enjoy the finer things in life; however, we all tend to lose balance when it comes to maintaining our health.

This is why it is important to self-check on your lifestyle habits to make sure that you are doing the best you can.

The following tips will help you consider your current lifestyle to help prevent any roadways to premature death.

Cut down your alcohol intake

To start on your health journey, the first place to start is to assess your current alcohol intake. There are many fantastic alcohol-free alternatives, such as Tennents Zero, which have the same great beer taste without the negative effects of alcohol.

This will help you feel as though you are drinking along with your friends. Sometimes opting for soft drinks in social situations can make people ask insensitive questions regarding your drink consumption.

This is why choosing alcohol-free alternatives served in beer bottles, or wine bottles can help avoid these questions.

There is a reason why alcohol is often described as having ‘empty’ calories. The sugary soft drinks served with spirits mask the taste of the alcohol you are consuming, leading you to drink more, and help exceed recommended daily sugar intake. This may be why you may be maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime yet not losing any weight.

There are many negative health risks associated with alcohol consumption. Therefore, it is important to understand your limits.

By understanding just how much you are drinking, you can ensure you are not doing things in excess. You may be surprised at how quickly your drinking total can add up, particularly if you regularly visit pubs, clubs, and bars.

When you are drunk, your inhibitions are lowered, so you may begin to drink a lot faster and in larger quantities. This is why this self-check is so important.

Check-in on your diet

Your diet can also have a huge impact on the way you feel. By eating too much fast food, your body may begin to feel sluggish, and you may begin to gain weight.

It can be very easy to overindulge during the holiday season, particularly since many celebrations revolve around food.

We are taught from an early age about the importance of incorporating fruits and vegetables into our diet. However, this can prove easier said than done. The trick is to start with small changes, such as swapping out chips for a side salad with your meal.

Or adding fruit into your breakfast option in the morning: strawberries added into your bran flakes is a better option than a sugary chocolate cereal.

Other easy swaps would be to change from eating white bread to brown bread, which will have whole grains better for your digestion. The same swap can be made from white rice to brown rice.

You may also suffer from food intolerance if you feel that your diet is relatively healthy, yet you are still feeling unwell. It may be an idea to swap out certain food groups such as gluten or dairy for free-from options to check if this may be the case.

Add more physical activity into your routine

Are you finding that you are now struggling to get up the stairs without getting out of breath? In that case, it might be time to move your body more.

An easy way to do this is to take the stairs instead of the elevator or choose to walk short distances instead of using your car.

Signing up to a gym can be daunting but make sure to speak to the gym staff to voice any anxieties or concerns you may have.

The staff can show you how to use the equipment and help you get started with an exercise routine. Many gyms also offer classes that will allow you to try new exercises in group settings.

If the idea of a gym is not for you as you would prefer to be outside, jogging or running may be a great option. Many running apps can help motivate you, and this option is a great way to explore your local neighbourhood.

You may also find that there are local sports groups such as football clubs or fitness boot camps around your neighbourhood that you could join. This is a great way to be more social and make new friends.