How Modern Technology Provides Support For Those In The LGBTQ+ Community

The LGBTQ+ community and modern technology have come a long way in the past decade, but this is no coincidence. It wasn’t long ago that the individuals who belonged to this community were seldom heard of, making it difficult for some people to embrace their true identities. Fortunately, the LGBTQ+ community is shining brighter than ever, and there is still room for further acknowledgement.

Part of this recognition has come from the increase in societal acceptance of those who identify as LGBTQ+; however, the rise in technology has also played its role. Modern technology has so much to offer those in this community, so let’s explore how LGBTQ+ members can find this support and what it can offer those who need it.


One of the hardest parts of becoming the best version of yourself is that not everyone will get it. The people in your life may accept you for who you are, but that is very different from understanding what is happening under the surface. It can be a long and confusing journey for some in the LGBTQ+ community, and a lack of understanding in the home can make this journey more difficult. Therefore, those who struggle with their LGBTQ+ identity will benefit from talking to and learning from others who are going through the same experiences. Unfortunately, not everyone will live near anyone else like this.

The internet provides a place for people to convene and discuss their issues with other LGBTQ+ community members from all over the globe. You can communicate on web forums, social media chats, and online support groups to find a part of the community where you belong. A sense of community is essential for social connection. For some people, the internet is the only place where they can find that sense of community. Therefore, more people are coming out as a part of this community because it is easier to find a connection within it.

Role Models

Another key part of discovering your identity is finding a role model, someone that you can look up to and model your behaviour on. Many younger individuals will choose a famous face they identify with, which can give them a role model outside of the home. Of course, these individuals do not always come about in the real world, which means that you may have to search further afield.

While it is more common for modern celebrities to announce that they are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, social media also provides a place for people to gain notoriety. What’s more, celebrities do have to be careful about what they say when in a live T.V setting. This means that they often do not discuss some of the more adult aspects of being part of the community. Social media offers celebrities the chance to talk openly about their experiences, making it easier for younger community members to learn and grow. Everyone wants to feel as if they are being represented, and social media finally gives the LGBTQ+ this understanding.

Providing Shelter

The world can sometimes be a harsh place, especially for anyone that does not conform to what is considered the societal norms. As a result, LGBTQ+ members can face serious discrimination daily. It is understandable that individuals that face such abuse on a regular basis will become depressed and feel as if they do not have a place in the world. This fact gets even worse when you consider that these individuals are doing nothing but become the person they were born to be.

Therefore, an online forum or LGBTQ+ webpage can provide shelter for those who aren’t accepted in the outside world. Talking to people that care for them can boost self-esteem, and a forum can provide a nice distraction from what is going on in their lives. These facets of comfort are only available to the community because of how far internet technology has become. People can log on to a video chat service and talk to other LGBTQ+ members in real-time, no matter where they are based. It also helps that these individuals can access therapy this way too.

Promoting Creativity

Almost everyone has a way of expressing themselves. The need to be creative can manifest itself in many ways, whether in drawing, writing, music, or fashion. Many of us will never get to pursue these projects full-time; however, it is now easier than ever thanks to the sharing sites that have cropped up in the last few years.

Creativity and the LGBTQ+ community seem to go hand in hand as both involve expressing yourself in a way that no one else can. That is why it is important for members to access sites where people can share their creative work with others. From here, they can receive feedback, make money or learn about software that can help with their creative work. For instance, they could find learn how to turn a JPG into a PDF. It is a big world out there for a struggling artist, but luckily the internet has made it a little bit smaller.


You have probably learned a sizeable amount of the knowledge you currently have from the people around you. It could have come from a parent, teacher, or close friend; either way, the people around you shape your education in ways that you don’t even recognise. However, someone that identifies as LGBTQ+ is less likely to have someone close to them that can share their knowledge about the issues that face this community.

While modern technology allows LGBTQ+ members to communicate with each other and make friends, it is also crucial for providing members with an education about their lifestyle. Knowledge is power, and more LGBTQ+ members are being safe out there thanks to the advice they now have access to online. It might not seem like a lot to those outside of the community but being able to find the answers to some serious questions can be lifesaving in some circumstances.

Plan Activities

It is entirely possible to have a relationship that exists entirely within the online space; however, people require a physical connection to grow closer to the ones they care about. Fortunately, there are plenty of meet-up apps available on smartphones so that people can arrange get-togethers with their online LGBTQ+ friends. What’s more, you can use other apps to find out the best places to meet, arrange travel details, and book safe accommodation.

Some people have met some of their best friends online, and others have been able to introduce themselves to their future partners using this technology. The LGBTQ+ community may come together a lot in the online space, but it is now getting easier for this community to get together and celebrate their identities together.


There seems to be no slowing the rise of the LGBTQ+ community, and if the technology is out there to offer this kind of support, it should only continue to thrive. There is nothing more important than being yourself. As such, ensure you use this tech to keep yourself safe and learn more about how to be the best version of you there is.