How to adopt the crop top for a canon look whatever your silhouette

If you haven’t succumbed to the trend, comfort, and practicality of crop-tops, let us convince you that they will make your looks look great in any situation and above all, whatever your morphology. The world of sexy crop tops has developed, at, we have them for all shapes and all occasions.

Which short top to adopt this season?

Basic to basic, betting on Solado ribbed tank top or a black bareback top is betting on security and endless decline… To wear with jeans, tailored pants, or under a shirt, will be already a good basis to start with.

The crop-top will often remain basic, but not completely anyway. Not very convinced? A slightly crossed top, a little cut-out will make all the difference and we particularly like the subtlety of the top crossed on the front.

Between us, when a backless tank top is shorter than a t-shirt, it’s a crop top, and, believe us, that’s not what’s missing. We love to play on the materials and we will have something to have fun with the tops. 

Let’s start with one of the star materials of the summer, which we named – linen! We spotted this top at many fashions shows that we can already see ourselves wearing on these sunny days.

Top and crop top – What is the difference?

 Top and crop top: do you know the difference between these two pieces that are here to stay in the women’s wardrobe? They are very similar, which can generate doubt. But don’t worry, you’ll find it’s okay to not be sure about the exact name of one of these models.

In addition to the difference between cropped and top, the most important thing is to know how to incorporate these pieces into your daily life, following the main trends and, of course, respecting your style. And the coolest thing is that a top or crop top can be used by people with different bodies, ages, and preferences, just find the one that suits you best!

Nowadays, top and cropped are terms that get confused a lot, and there is no problem in choosing one of these names to call the shortest blouses. However, if you want to know the difference between cropped and top, it’s the following:

The top is a kind of very short blouse, which ends just below the breast. Generally, its function is just to cover the bust. It can also help support, as is the case with gym tops, for example.

Cropped is a short blouse, but is longer than the top. However, it does not reach the hip, as with the more traditional shirts.

It became very popular in the 1980s when people liked to show off their toned bodies. Even men wore a crop top, which in many cases was nothing more than a shirt cut in the best do-it-yourself.

Then it was successful in the 1990s with celebrities and personalities who spread this fashion. But the crops were kind of gone and came back around the 2010s. And they remain in the windows to this day.

Linen crop top:

As a tank top, a sweater, or a cropped or long-sleeved shirt, the crop top is trending this season. To continue in the materials, we saw that the jeans are not only on the jeans… It is also on the tops and it is proven by Anthropologie with its corset top that we love. For a little more lightness, you can adopt satin with other materials, and it’s a pretty tied top. 

How to wear a crop top?

At this pace, we could spend hours doing the pinnacle of crop-tops, it’s up to you to adopt the trend. And if you’re still not convinced, we’ll show you how best to adopt this little all-purpose top.

10 tips for wearing a crop-top regardless of body type. 

1. The crop top under a shirt

The shirt and the crop-top combo is a winning combo, we can assure you. We will choose a slightly oversized shirt to counterbalance the mini size of our top. Fastened with a few buttons or completely open, the shirt will be the ally of the crop-top. You can as much adopt this duo with jeans, jogging, or even a skirt.

2. Crop top and high waist jeans:

If you love the trend, but don’t like showing your belly to everyone, we can strongly recommend high-waisted jeans that will be the perfect companion for your top. 

When the pants are wide, we like them even more, but it’s all a matter of taste. What to wear with your jeans and your mini-top? A pair of sneakers that will break up the style of the top or the heels to give a whole new meaning to the outfit and for sunny days, a pair of mules will be expected.

3. Blazer jacket and crop top:

If, like us, you are not waiting for bright sun and a temperature of 30° to put on crop-tops, maybe you are already a little cold? Well, we’ve found the ideal jacket that goes with almost everything and that will go particularly well with a whole bunch of little tops. We can imagine a mix of materials or especially colors.

4. Color and floral prints in crop tops:

The sexy crop top may be one of the basics to wear with a good part of your wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stay basic in colors too. As you know, this season is about color: between total look, monochrome look, and color block look, you will find something to wear color among these dozens of tops.

5. Darted trousers and crop top – A stylish set for a day or evening look:

Visit where some beautiful pants go perfectly with crop-tops, as with many other tops for that matter. We named the clip-on pants. These two piece pants set going out will go perfectly with the shirt, enough to make a basic, minimalist, and stylish outfit for your looks of the season.