How to deep clean your home

We all like to keep to a cleaning schedule, and for the most part, this keeps our home clean and tidy. However, over time we need to deep clean high bacteria places to ensure our accommodation is safe. It seems especially pertinent in modern times, as COVD has shaken us and kept us in our homes for longer periods. Here we offer some tips on how to undertake this deep clean with some essential tips.

Getting started

The hardest step to take when doing an annual deep clean is the first. There are jobs to do before you can begin cleaning. Job one is to clear away the clutter that adds up over time. You need to pick up all those items from the floor and are draped over furniture, as well as the items that have been left out on counters and tabletops. This is when a rubbish removal company Birmingham can be a godsend to get rid of everything for you in one go.

Once the clutter is cleared, make a room-by-room game plan. Deciding to do the whole house in one go will be overwhelming and likely to fail. So, break up the work over several weekends so it feels manageable.

Then, stock up on the essentials that will make a deep clean possible. You will need some baking soda, some brushes with stiff bristles, a broom, some cleaning soaps, cloths, mop, sponges, telescoping pole for those hard-to-reach places, vacuum cleaner, white vinegar, and other cleaning chemicals.

The bathroom

Spraying some multipurpose cleaners and leaving them to soak into the bath, toilet, sinks, shower cubicle, and other areas for a while is a great start. It will help the chemical break up any gunk that has accumulated over time. It will be much easier to scrub these surfaces if you come back later.

We often forget areas when cleaning the bathroom that we need to give a lot of attention to. The toilet base is somewhere we often skip but can be a place where dribbles and splashes can hit, and dust can build up. Also, the light fixtures and window treatments can be a place of grime build-up. Using some white vinegar on a damp cloth can lift the bits caught in the grooves and corners.

Make sure you send the shower curtains and bathmats through the washing machine, taking care to follow the item tags to make sure they survive this process. A plastic shower curtain liner can still be washed in a machine but will need doing on cold. It is often more hygienic to replace cheaper plastic shower curtains annually, as they are a place where bacteria can hide and grow.


Like in the bathroom, a deep clean must include the grout. We often wipe down our tiles but don’t do much to deal with the material between them. An old toothbrush and some baking soda can remove grit and grime from these areas.

While we may be used to giving the rest of the kitchen a good going over, there are places we forget. For instance, we forget how much bacteria can grow in old sponges that we use repeatedly. It is best to replace these regularly. Also, the refrigerator has coils and vents that need a good brush out to keep the flow of air through your appliance hygienic.

To clean the microwave and oven, you might want to start with some steam. Putting a bowl of water in and heating it will create steam that can lift off deeply embedded grime. Then, rather than buying expensive chemicals, use a baking soda mixed with some normal soap, vinegar and water and get that grime and grease lifted with ease.

Shared living areas

Finally, there are the areas where you sleep and relax. The carpets and soft furnishings will harbour smells you didn’t even know existed. So, ensure you steam the rugs, carpets, sofas, and more to make sure you lift out that grime that has been ground in.

You also need to dust those items that you generally skip over. For instance, brush along the top of picture frames and mirrors, dust down your knick-knacks and other decorative items. You should also clean down your remote controls, which are shockingly clogged with germs. Get some white vinegar and a toothbrush between the buttons.

Your electronics will also attract dust and need a good wipe down. The dust can heat and circulate in your room, so it is good for the general quality of what you breathe to clear this away.

When it comes to your bedroom, don’t forget the space under the bed and flop those mattresses.


Deep cleans are about getting to those places we often miss. We can lift unwanted smells and rid our homes of germs using some ordinary household products and equipment and if you do not have time or te ability you can always use external cleaning compamies such as Duty Cleaners who will do the hard work for you.