How To Make A Living From Sports Betting

Is it possible to make a living out of gambling?

Ask this question to the majority of people who like to gamble as a hobby, and they will tell you it is not possible. The bookie, casino, sports betting site, or whatever platform you are using will always win. However, while for most, making a living out of gambling is indeed not possible, for a small minority, it is indeed possible. It would surprise you just how many people actually do make money and a career from gambling.

There are numerous ways to gamble online, starting with online casinos right down to bingo or playing in popular poker tournaments. However, unless you have a good understanding of games like Blackjack, Roulette, or Texas Hold’em Poker, you are not going to have much joy, at least initially. Sports betting is the best way to go, as anyone can get into it, you get to enjoy sports, and the returns are decent if you put in the work.

Just learn and use the following techniques

Take Advantage of Arbitrage Betting

Ever heard there is no such thing as a sure thing? It is not true. Sports betting does provide opportunities that are guaranteed to turn a profit. It is called arbitrage betting. These opportunities are rare and take a bit of work to find but there are apps and software that can help with this.

How it works is that bets for and against a selection at different betting exchanges to lock in a guaranteed profit. Find a good ‘value’ bet that is offering odds far better than anywhere else, back that bet, and then find somewhere offering lower odds and back that as well. The idea is that no matter the outcome, you are in pocket.

Use Free Bets & Sign Up Offers

When you sign up to an online sportsbook, you are often offered a welcome bonus such as free bets or enhanced odds. Called match betting, it is possible to make money by claiming these offers and free bets and making money without staking much, if any, of your own money.

Of course, with so many online betting sites around, finding those that offer the best free bets UK and enhanced odds offers is not always easy. This is where sites such as can prove useful. They will provide all the information you need to know about the welcome offers, free bets, no deposit free bets, the bookmakers are offering.

You can then enjoy risk-free Cheltenham Festival 2021 betting, Premier League betting, Champions League betting, and more!

Find Value Betting Opportunities

We previously touched on value betting and this is picking bets that offer odds that you feel are too generous. If you find a bookmaker offering substantially better odds than anywhere else, either they know something the others don’t, they have made a mistake, or are being very brave.

This strategy of course carries a higher risk than the previous two but the bookie offering the value bet has far less of an edge over you.

Use Betting Tipsters

While you can enjoy improved success by making use of a tipster service, this depends on finding the right one. There are some legitimate tipsters out there that will give you tips for a fee but there are many others that are nothing more than scammers. Just be careful and make sure you find somebody with genuine reviews and success.

Time to Reap the Rewards

Before you go and dive headfirst into attempting to make a career out of sports betting, first understand that it is not easy. More fail than succeed and even those that are successful will experience bad runs that could cripple them. Ideally, use sports betting as a hobby alongside your normal career, a side income as it were.

If you do decide to go full-time sports bettor, at least listen to the tips above and put a ton of work into learning how to best go about your new career.