How to Make Cold Floors Warm in Your Atlanta Apartment?

The worst experience that everyone has to face during the winter season is the icy cold floorings. It varies from surface to surface because some of them can retain heat better and others cannot. Especially the surfaces at the Atlanta apartments for rent (or Jersey City Apartments if you’re on the chilly East Coast) are shivering cold that will supply serious shivers throughout your body. Installment of different flooring materials will change the complete scenery of your floors and will provide warmth and coziness. Also, there is an immense number of simple tips for warming up your floors and are described below to make your winter more comfortable.

Floor insulation

The prime source for the circulation of cold air through your basements are the joist areas. The ground floor is constructed on a joist platform, where the joist spaces constructed over the unheated crawl spaces allow heat to be lost through the floors. By insulating these areas with fiberglass batt insulation, you can warm up the area. Also, the joist cavities are gateways for easy circulation of cold air. That is why insulating them will also be a perfect step to make the floors warmer.


Installing underlayment above the subfloor but below the surface covering is a smart move to make your surfaces warmer. Underlayment consists of elements like rubber, foam, and other natural insulating components. This works effectively to enhance the warmth of the surfaces you work on. It provides an additional advantage of reducing sound transmission between the rooms.


This is the most common and effective solution to make your floors feel warmer and cozier. Area rugs can be cut out specifically to adjust in different corners of your room along with the adjustment of furniture and other staff which is quite simple and requires minimum energy. These can be set in any space inside your apartment to always keep your barefoot warm and provide an elegant and luxurious coating on your floorings.

Radiant heating systems

An under-floor heating system is the most effective solution to improve flooring warmth by radiating heat throughout the lower region. These systems provide perfect heating to your floors and also control the entire temperature of your room. The radiant heating systems work by radiating heat in the underlayment between the surface cover and the subfloor. They proffer warmth in the upward direction into the floor which makes not only the bottom surface warm but also efficiently heats the entire apartment.

Shut down air leaks

Leakage of air through holes and cracks are the common contribution to cold winter flooring. Search for regions through which cold air can easily enter into your territory. Renovate the damaged windows and doors, fill the holes and cracks using a sealant and lay draft snakes at the base of the doors to stop the circulation of cold air.


To avoid the jarring feeling when you first wake up on a winter morning, quickly take the essential steps so that you can work on a warm land without any shiverings. Make the entire area of your house filled with warmth and coziness by making some adjustments and enjoy the best winter period.