How to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Expensive

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, some people want their engagement ring to be subtle, while others prefer their ring to look expensive and glamorous. Many buyers have a misconception that to make their engagement ring look expensive, they have to make a major investment.

Each engagement ring buyer does not have a high budget to buy an expensive engagement ring. Such buyers keep looking for different tricks and tips that they can use to make their engagement ring look expensive as well as beautiful. No doubt doing this is quite tricky but paying attention to a few things makes it easy for the buyers to make their engagement ring look expensive. Some most effective ways that you can use to make your engagement ring look expensive are mentioned below.

Prefer Colored Stones

One of the best ways to make your engagement ring look expensive is to prefer colored stones. As it is well known to almost all of us that in terms of engagement rings, we get plenty of options to choose from. The presence of different types of stones, and diamonds of different sizes and qualities, make it easy for you to buy a look engagement ring within your budget.

Choosing colored stones over a single, larger diamond works effectively at making your engagement ring look expensive. Colored diamonds are not just beautiful and unique but also easily grab attention. Their bright color gives a beautiful look to your fingers as well as the ring and makes the ring look expensive.

Add More Diamonds

Adding more diamonds to an engagement ring is another effective way to make your engagement ring look expensive. Many buyers choose large diamonds so their engagement ring will look expensive. But many times this also affects the whole look of the engagement ring.

Choosing the right size of diamonds or adding more diamonds to the ring instead of just investing in a single diamond is also an amazing way to make your engagement ring look expensive.

Do not compromise with the metal

When buying an engagement ring, many buyers make the mistake of compromising with the metal by picking the wrong metal for their engagement ring. When you do not pay good attention to the type of metal you are going to add to your engagement ring, you usually end up picking the wrong metal for the ring.

Choosing the wrong metal as per the overall design of the ring, the size of the diamond/stone, and its quality, affects the look of your engagement ring and makes it look cheaper and smaller than actual. So to make your engagement ring look expensive, make sure you will pick the right metal. Choosing white gold, or platinum for engagement rings that include diamonds is one of the best ways to make them look expensive.

Choose The Band Smartly

The size of the band you choose for your engagement ring also affects its appearance. Engagement rings with wider bands grab more attention towards the band and distract from the diamond, its beauty, size, type of metal, etc.

Even stones or diamonds of larger size look smaller on such engagement rings. But on the other side, an engagement ring with a thinner band looks more expensive and unique. Such bands do not distract the look from the diamonds, due to which the ring looks costly.

Setting Matters

The setting of the center stone/diamonds or stones you add to your engagement ring also defines its cost. The type of setting you to choose for your engagement ring matters most due to the attention usually grabbed by the center stone/diamond of the ring. Using a single diamond for the ring looks like an affordable ring but choosing a halo setting or a cluster setting helps to make it look expensive.

Using a three-stone engagement ring is one of the best ways to buy an affordable engagement ring but make your ring look expensive. Such a setting makes the ring look surrounded by a lot of expensive diamonds.

Choose the right diamond cut

The shape/cut of the diamond must always be considered while buying an engagement ring, otherwise, you end up buying a ring that not just looks cheap but also fake. Certain types of diamond cuts like round cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, and oval cut diamonds, are known for their expensive look. Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds also look expensive, but cost more affordable than round cut diamonds. However, the cost also depends on a variety of other factors.

No doubt buying such type of diamond also need good investment and adding them increases the overall cost of your engagement ring but buying your engagement ring from a professional jeweler and/or buying the ring during offers/discounts helps you buy an affordable ring that looks too expensive.

Final Thoughts

It is not always important to make a heavy investment just to make your engagement ring look expensive. Following the above-mentioned tips not just help you make the ring look expensive but also prevent the need for high investment. The decisions you take when buying an engagement ring define whether it will make whole in your pocket or not. In case of any doubt, it is always best to consult professionals that regularly deal with rings, diamonds, etc. Buying from a professional jeweler will help you buy a perfect engagement ring that looks beautiful and expensive.