How to Smoke Ribs: 6 Tips for the Perfect Smoked Ribs

Bacon is one thing that people smoke for cookouts, gatherings, and meals, but ribs are one of the best things you can cook in your smoker.

If you’ve never smoked ribs before, you might wonder how to smoke ribs. When you learn the best methods for smoking ribs, you’ll end up with delicious ribs that fall off the bones.

Here are six tips to follow to help you smoke the best ribs you’ll ever serve or eat.

1. Choose the Right Meat

If you want to smoke delicious ribs that are tender and taste great, you’ll need to start with the right meat. You can purchase various types of ribs, including baby back ribs, beef ribs, and pork ribs.

The goal is to find a good-quality cut of meat to use. If you buy the cheapest cut you can find, your quality will suffer, even if you use the best methods for smoking it.

Therefore, you might want to consider visiting a butcher shop to buy your ribs. Butcher shops sell higher-quality meats, and they’ll help you find the right cut for your smoked ribs.

The ribs you buy should have some fat on them, as fat gives the meat more flavor. You should look for ribs with even fat covering them, though, instead of large chunks of fat on a few sections.

2. Prepare and Season the Ribs Properly

The next step for making great ribs is preparing and seasoning the ribs properly.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to remove the membrane. The membrane is a piece of silver skin or lining that covers the backside of the ribs.

If you cut one edge of the membrane, you should be able to pull it off without a lot of effort. Removing this part of the ribs is vital, as the membrane is not good to eat.

Next, you might want to find a good smoked ribs recipe. You can find all kinds of recipes that tell you how to season the ribs before smoking them. You can either follow a recipe or purchase a rib rub.

Placing a rib rub on the ribs before cooking is the easiest and best option in most cases. You can also start thinking about the type of barbecue sauce you want to use if you want to make BBQ ribs.

3. Use the Right Wood

When you smoke meats, you should use some type of wood with the smoker. The wood you choose affects the taste of the meat, so you might want to find the best wood for smoking ribs.

You can use several types of wood for ribs, but some of the best options include hickory, apple, mesquite, and cherry. These woods offer a sweet aroma that adds a great flavor to smoked ribs.

Using mesquite or hickory woods provide a stronger flavor for the meat you’re smoking. Cherry and apple offer a sweeter flavor. You can even combine two types of woods when smoking ribs.

For example, you could use mesquite and applewood chips to create a great flavor for your ribs. For something different, you could mix hickory and cherry.

You can experiment with various wood types to find the combination you like best.

4. Cook on Low

Now that you know how to choose and prepare your ribs, you might want to read the best ribs recipes to see how to smoke the ribs. As with most foods you smoke, you’ll want to choose a low temperature for your ribs.

To smoke the best ribs, you’ll need to focus on cooking them longer and slower. You might need to smoke them for at least 2 1/2 hours if they are thinner in nature. If they are thicker, you might need at least 3 1/2 hours.

The initial step of smoking the ribs will require this much time, but you might need to cook them longer to complete all the steps of smoking ribs.

5. Use the Right Liquid

Another vital step of smoking any type of meat is using the right liquid. You’ll need to place liquid in the smoker, and the liquid you use gets inside the meat and serves several purposes.

First, the liquid keeps the meat moist. Secondly, the liquid provides flavor to the ribs.

You can use almost any liquid that you want to use, but there are some types that are better than others. Apple juice is a great option if you want a sweeter taste to your ribs.

You can also use various types of pop, including flavored sodas. You might also want to try other types of juices.

Again, you can try a few different combinations of liquids and wood to find the best combinations for your taste buds.

6. Wrap Them Right

The last step of smoking ribs is wrapping them. You won’t wrap them until you’ve smoked them long enough. Smoking them provides the smoke flavor and taste that is unique to smoked foods.

Wrapping them serves a different role. When you’ve smoked the ribs long enough, you can wrap them tightly in aluminum foil and place them back into the smoker.

After that, you might want to continue smoking them for another one to three hours. Wrapping them in foil helps you seal in the moisture, providing you with tender ribs.

You might want to check them with a fork every hour or so to see when they’re done. You can determine when they’re done based on how tender they are when you place a fork in them.

How to Smoke Ribs: Follow These Tips

If you want to learn how to smoke ribs, just follow these tips. You might have to try a few different times before you find the perfect combination of seasoning, wood, and liquid. Eventually, though, you’ll figure it out.

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