How to Turn Different Pastimes into Careers

When it comes to your career, there are definitely a lot of different options to choose from. Although the decision can be a tough one, it isn’t because there is little to choose from. The only thing that makes your career choice a tough one is the fact it is so impactful on your life. The career that you choose to have is going to have massive implications on your daily life. So it is a good idea to try and choose a job you have a good chance of liking. However, this can be a hard thing to predict when you haven’t actually tried out any potential jobs. This can lead people to wonder how they make this decision. One good option is to use the pastimes and hobbies you love to make a living. There are so many different pastimes you can use for your career, including the examples that are explained below.


Art is one of the best hobbies that anyone could enjoy. It is something that is usually introduced to people when they are children. However, for anyone who keeps the pastime up into their adult life, this can actually end up being a great way to make a living. Of course, the most obvious way to make money through this pastime would be to become an artist. However, there is no denying this is a hard thing to do professionally. Of course, if you feel as if you have the talent, then you should go for it. If you are looking for a more common and attainable role, then there are options for this too. For example, art journalism is definitely a viable option that you could explore. Review and report other people’s art for a way to make a great living. Another option for you could be to turn into a tattoo artist. Although there is a difference between drawing on paper and skin, this is something you can definitely get the hang of. Get some tattoo ink and a dummy and test out your skills for a potential career.


There is a good chance that you played at least one sport whilst growing up. If so, there is a chance that you’ve dreamed of playing that sport as your career. Although it is always possible to attain this goal, there are other sporting careers you might want to consider. These include the likes of journalism, coaching, and even sports therapy. Working in the world of sport is a really unique and special thing that is definitely worth considering.


Writing is a pastime that might not carry as much popularity as it once did. However, it is still very much loved and there are some great careers it can be turned into. The likes of journalism, copywriter, and author are all options you could look at if you love to write. When it comes to pastimes you can turn into jobs, writing is one of the best ones.