How to turn your local event into a dream experience

In Birmingham, as in the rest of the world, people are gradually returning to normalcy, to a life full of excitement and fun to be lived mostly outside the home, as far away as possible from those oppressive domestic walls in which they were forced to stay during all the long months of lockdown, and beyond. People have indeed resumed exploring the city and taking an active part in the various initiatives organised in the various corners of the city. For the past few months, in fact, there has been an irrepressible desire to take part in every kind of event, big or small, in order to make up for lost time and enjoy some of the best local initiatives that shape the social fabric of an area, making it alive, vibrant and suited to the tastes of the people who live there. People’s tastes and expectations have changed profoundly, radically, over the past two years, and are likely to leave an important mark on the needs of future generations as well. People seem not so much interested in the nature of the event they are going to attend, its content, but in the overall quality of the experience. People want to indulge in an immersive experience that engages every side of their personality, triggering strong emotions and intense bursts of physiological well-being.

The organisers’ challenge

For this reason too, event organisers are challenged to create memorable experiences that remain firmly imprinted in people’s minds, even years later, through certain communication strategies that can produce truly impressive effects. Every detail of the event must be taken care of, starting with the publicity that will be conveyed online and offline. In organising an event capable of producing lasting effects in people’s minds, one fundamental element must be borne in mind: every phase of the planning, every tiny detail, must be considered as an integral part of a larger plan, in which every single element must be linked to the other by a certain underlying coherence, by a certain uniformity. The themes (also aesthetic) that will appear in the various offline communications – as in any advertising posters – must be the same that users will also find online and above all on the day of the event itself, in the physical location chosen for it, where everything must be perfectly recognisable and consistent with the communication strategy used previously, in the teaser phase, on social media, and in all its possible forms.

To strike at the heart of your user, i.e. the person who will have to participate in your event, you will have to work on archetypes, on an extremely particular kind of communication strategy that is entirely based on unconscious impressions, and which will plunge each person into a vortex of emotions and sensations that they have never experienced before (in most cases, people do not immediately realise that they are the object of an archetype-driven communication strategy: in many cases they only realise it when someone explains it to them directly).

The theme of your event

If your brand is connected to the themes of luxury, elegance, opulence, and if you have chosen the archetype of the ‘Garden of Eden’ for your event, you should choose an evocative outdoor location, with imposing trees and perhaps a stream, placing here and there a few baskets of apples and some object that may vaguely resemble a snake. When all these suggestions have settled in people’s minds, the connection with the Garden of Eden will almost automatically be triggered, even if only on an unconscious level, producing positive and extremely stimulating mental associations. People will feel as if they have been reached on a deep level, and in their souls the overall judgement of the event (and the brand) can only be positive.

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The more customised your communication strategy, the more successful you will be. By betting on people, on their tastes, on what makes their hearts beat faster, brands will have already accomplished an essential (perhaps the most difficult) part of their work of persuasion.