Jaws – Megatone Sessions – ep3

MEGATONE SESSIONS launches episode 3 in their audio-visual journey. This instalment sees Birmingham band JAWS dream and swoon amidst a sea of shifting spaces, architecture, and patterns. The Session will be released on the 3rd December on the Megatone sessions YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Consisting of a small team of talented individuals garnered from the audio, visual, and artistic industries, Megatone Sessions is an in-studio video series set to showcase performances from Birmingham’s underground and beyond. Episode 1 invited us to gloam in the neon blue haze of Blue Ruth. An interstellar trip into the realms of her forebodingly hypnotic synth compositions. Episode 2 saw Brighton based grunge rockers The Wytches ooze everything spooky in a Halloween special. The uncanny, the horrific, and the unsettling all bled into one as menacing cinematics surrounded the band’s performance.

Episode 3 may be the team’s most ambitious chapter yet. Continuing in their established cinematic style the studio invited Birmingham based boys JAWS to perform a set of their dreamy indie songs amongst a flurry of dazzling lights and cameras. The episode plays with ideas of perspective and space, through inventive camera work and editing we are guided through a labyrinthian domain where memory, architecture, and patterns converge to sound of the band’s breezy melodies and melancholic words.

It goes without saying that this will be a treat for the band’s legion of loyal fans. Unable to attend live performances at the moment, this will be an exciting and unique experience for JAWS stalwarts and music lovers alike.

“Megatone Sessions has been a fantasy project of mine for years now,” said Mark Gittins, Megatone Studio owner and founder of Megatone Sessions. Teaming up with Mark to bring the sessions to life are videographer and artist Dave Stanley, and lightning designer Robb Cartin. Commenting on the future of the project, Mark had this to say: “Each episode will be different, tailored to the act, their image, sound, and message, as well as being a visual dialogue between ourselves, the performer, and the audience. Episode one is the spark to start the fire. We’re all very excited to be doing this.”

A space that works closely with artists to create unique ways to experience live music.A platform for musicians to challenge audiences’ preconceptions of what a performance is and how it is perceived. A multi-sensory experience that will be as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. A cinematic journey. A sonic expedition. This is Megatone Sessions.