Join Fat Hippo to celebrate ALL THINGS VEGAN for the month of Veganuary!

Fat Hippo and vegan aren’t necessarily words you expect to see in the same sentence. But don’t worry, you didn’t read it wrong! They have a whole load of vegan dishes as well as a BRAND NEW vegan special available throughout January, so the signature Fat Hippo ‘good kind of gluttony’ can be enjoyed by everyone.

It goes without saying, everyone is welcome to eat at Fat Hippo. Meat-eaters, vegetarians  (+ flexitarians!), vegans and those with food intolerances. The food industry is changing and they have too. Fat Hippo wants you to be able to enjoy your food in a way that works for you! 

The Burger Lab over at Fat Hippo have been clocking in some serious overtime this winter to bring you the best vegan burger specials this Veganuary! Whether you’re an OG to all things vegan, a bit of a flexitarian or just dipping your toe into the plant-based world, this month’s specials just got REAL!

Using the meat-free alternative Beyond Meat® to create the sloppy joe sauce, the carnivore-approved specials will get you looking forward to cutting down the real stuff! Inspired by their mission to create a delicious, nutritious, sustainable protein, they’ve taken pea-based Beyond Mince and created a meaty plant-based masterpiece – or two! And we can’t lie, this stuff is pretty damn convincing… 

Kicking it off with the SLOPPY FAUX 

Single plant-based patty, vegan cheese, Beyond Meat® Sloppy Joe sauce, BBQ, chipotle mayo + pickleback ’slaw

But is it really a feast without SLOPPY WAFFLES

Waffle fries, Beyond Meat® Sloppy Joe sauce, chipotle mayo, pickles + pink onions 

Standing alongside the existing FIVE vegan burgers on the permanent menu, as well as their plant-based sides, starters, shakes and sauces, Fat Hippo are bringing new and exciting options to all of the Herd, no matter what field you’re in!

Nick Fountain, Head of Marketing says: “Going Vegan isn’t just for January and has always been an area of focus for us, with a wide range available on our standard menu, it’s always good to develop new ideas and bring them to our customers. Adding new suppliers and products into our specials allows us to give customers new experiences while developing our offering to the market.”

Does vegan junk food tickle your tastebuds? Get yourself and your veGANG ready to experience the scenes at a Fat Hippo near you 

Your plant-based era starts now…

The group work exclusively with Deliveroo and their limited edition burger will be available on the delivery platform as well as click+collect via their app.

To find out more about Fat Hippo’s latest special, please visit their website and social channels for further details.

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