KILO ZIRO Bar – Lights Off for Earth Day

Best Waste Prevention Project Award winners 2022, KILO ZIRO Café & Bar in Digbeth, have announced that they will be turning of all front-of-house lights for the whole day on Saturday 22nd April to raise awareness for Earth Day. This will coincide with the exciting launch of their eagerly anticipated third edition of Zero Waste Cocktails Menu; cocktails that are made with sustainability at the forefront. 

We have previously seen overripe fruit & veg rescued from their grocery store – Birmingham’s first and only zero waste shop, The Clean Kilo, in their cocktails. Using culinary and mixology techniques, their team have turned these into some of the finest cocktails in Birmingham – they were peer nominated by industry professionals for BAB awards – Best Menu 2023 and a nominee for Most Sustainable Bar for the prestigious Top 50 Cocktail Bars UK.

Tom Pell one of the Co-Founders of KILO ZIRO said

‘Earth Day is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness on all things sustainable – switching our lights off for Earth Day is not going to save the planet – but it will hopefully get people talking about the significance of Earth Day!’

Earth Day is an annual event in April to inspire awareness of, and appreciation for, our environment. It is a call to action for many to consider their daily usage and consumption by using our resources more sustainably. Business, organizations, and households across the country will do their bit towards reduction in resources or cleaning up the mess we humans have left behind.

The launch of ‘Rescued & Reused’ Cocktail Menu focuses on tackling food waste by utilizing surplus/overripe fruit and veg and bi-product waste from running a business and from other local businesses.

The new menu, “Rescued and Reused: The Aged, The Discarded & The Unloved”, includes an ‘Upcycled Cherricano’ using spent coffee grinds to make a coffee liquor through infusion. If you have ever worked in pub/bar before, you will know that the first pull of beer is wasted because this has been sitting in the line overnight – KILO ZIRO has taken this biproduct to make a Beer Syrup which is then used in their KILO BREW cocktail. Completely unique flavors can be found in their menu, taken from unexpected resources.

Jeanette Pell, Co-founder said

‘I hate waste, so whenever I come across it, I need to find a way to rescue and reuse that item – hence the new menu title. Our experienced team of mixologists help create innovative cocktails that focus on reducing waste by using traditional culinary techniques with mixology to extract flavors and/or extend the shelf life of products. But sustainability doesn’t just stop there, we try to consider everything – how we can reuse the pulp of the vegetable by freezing it to make it into the garnish. We weigh up dehydrating fruit garnishes (which uses a lot of energy) with utilizing an over-ripe fruit/veg/biproduct which could end up being wasted, we use quality and locally produced spirits or brands that can provide circular supply chain to reduce single use packaging or give back to the planet by being carbon negative. Sustainability is not one single thing – it is a holistic approach to consider the pros and cons of everything we do because there is no perfection in zero waste.’

Join Kilo Ziro for an intimate candles-lit evening and experience the absence of a crucial part of everyday life that we take for granted – electric lights. Cocktails, refillable wine wall, local craft beer & ciders and cheeseboards and nibbles are all available on the menu on the night.

Saturday 22nd April at KILO ZIRO, 1 Gibb Street, Digbeth – table bookings recommended but walk-ins are welcome.

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