Learn Instant Pot Wine Making in 7 Easy Steps (Patience Needed!)

Millennials like to DIY everything, be it a wine of glass or its coaster. Everyone just dreamt of having a facility to make wine, but no one thought we have ‘instant pot’. Yes, as one of us in the year 2018 put his all heart in instant pot winemaking.

Food blogger David Murphy took the initiative. Also, he didn’t keep it private and shared his recipe, to beat off the midnight blues and craving for a classic red wine. Before starting, we would like to tell you that all you need is patience to make wine in the instant pot (and ingredients too, obviously)!

Now grab your apron, collect ingredients, and start cooking!

Ingredients for Wine Making

Welch’s Grape Juice (64oz bottle)

Granulated Sugar (1 cup)

Red Wine Yeast (*Use ½ packet)

An Instant Pot (with Yogurt function)

Process of Wine Making

Step 1: Whenever you start cooking, always sanitize the utensils and appliances you are going to use. The purpose is not only to have a clean and safe appliance to use but also if there are any bacteria left in the pot, it will hinder the yeast fermentation process.

So, always sanitize the pot before use!

Step 2: Take Welch’s grape juice and keep aside ½ cup of liquid from it, and add 1 cup granulated sugar. After that, shake it vigorously to dissolve the sugar.

Step 3: In the next step, you will have to add red wine yeast and mix it well. Close the lid tightly and shake it back & forth for the perfect result.

(You also have an option of using white wine yeast for white winemaking.)

Step 4: You have the solution ready, all you have to do is pour it in the pot. Remember we told you to remove the ½ cup juice! Add it as well.

Step 5: Now, close and lock the lid properly, but don’t close the vent on the lid. Why? Because it will allow the wine to breathe.

Then press the Yogurt mode button and set the less heat option. The less heat with the yogurt function will keep the heat temperature around 80-degrees.

Step 6: Add some patience in you and wait for 48-hours (i.e., 2-Days). In-between this time, every 6 to 8 hours you will have to do the alternate vent closing and opening. The reason for that is, the yeast in the wine is taking up the sugar creating the alcohol content.

Step 7: After 48 hours, the yeast has done its work. The wine is almost ready, but it will have CO2 bubbles around it and a yeasty taste.

To remove all of them,

Pour the wine in a juice bottle, seal it with the lid (not tightly), and wrap the plastic around it, so that the yeast have space to vent off the carbon dioxide. After that place it in the dark place, where there’s not an inch of light. Wait for a maximum of 1 year or at least 8 months for the perfect taste.

As someone said magic happens when no-one is looking! Patience is all you need for a glass of good red wine on hand.