Let Her – The Postcard Project Giving Power To Women

In a month where news headlines have sadly been full of harrowing stories of violence and sexual abuse against women, a powerful art project is being launched to empower women to share their own experiences of trauma using blank postcards as a canvas.

The Let Her project provides a platform where women can freely and safely share their stories via art on a postcard and submit it anonymously. It aims to give power to women who rarely speak out about their experiences of violence, sexual abuse or harassment.

Women can send their postcard art to the Let Her PO Box number, where all submissions will be carefully curated before being posted online to the Let Her website and social media platforms. It’s also hoped that the postcards will feature in an exhibition.

Let Her has been created by Wolverhampton award-winning creative producer and artist, Dawinder Bansal:

“With the horrific murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, as well as the recent conviction of R. Kelly for sex trafficking, it’s been a harrowing time and the news headlines will have been triggering for many women.

“The past month isn’t the first time there’s been a huge volume of stories of male violence against women. I had the idea for Let Her in the aftermath of #MeToo – many promises were made back then, but this hasn’t stopped the problem of male violence.

“For me the Let Her art project has now become more urgent and necessary than ever before, and I hope the platform will give women a way to express or share their experiences. If this isn’t what art is for, what is?”

Let Her is an art project with activism and inclusion at its heart. It’s a safe space for women to share their experiences anonymously through artistic expression. While it’s not designed to be a support service the Let Her website links to those organisations that can provide support to those looking for help.

The development of Let Her was co-commissioned by the Barbican Centre, London and Oldham Coliseum Theatre and is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Carly Henderson, Head of Learning and Engagement at Oldham Coliseum Theatre said:

“Alongside our partners at Women’s Chai Project, we felt compelled to support this project, allowing women the opportunity to respond artistically to lived experiences of these issues in a safe space, while providing a platform for untold stories and messages of hope.”

Further information on Let Her canbe found atlet-her.com and postcards can be sent to: Let Her, PO Box 7671, WOLVERHAMPTON WV11 9BN