Bull Ring Rag Market

The Bull Ring Rag Market, which replaced the old city’s Rag Market, opened in December 2000 and is famous nation-wide for the extensive range of fabrics and materials available in addition to a bewildering array of other merchandise.

The tradition of vintage clothes shops in the Rag Market dates back a long way.

Today vintage shoppers will be pleased to know that there are at least three permanent vintage and retro clothes stalls ranging in size and style, selling everything from hats to Barbour jackets, denim jeans and retro sports tops.

One stall is set out over several units with dozens of rails jam packed with vintage denim jeans, fleece jackets, mod style polo shirts and other fine quality vintage gems. The stall has been trading here for nearly 30 years.

Perhaps one of the better known vintage shops here, and another store running for three decades is Paul’s Retro Clothing selling leather, jeans, suede, dresses, fleeces, tweed, vintage hats, caps, tank tops and vintage shirts.

Paul is a friendly character with a laid back appoach to sales. Many of his items are tucked away in large bags. The garments on sale are carefully selected to offer something special, you might find a 1930s dress in fine condition or a bag full of 70s check fleeces.

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