Fiesta del Asado, Solihull

Visit Fiesta del Asado in Solihull, Birmingham’s most authentic Argentine Asado restaurant, offering an exciting, rustic dining experience to suit all ages and pockets. Dine at the #FiestaSolihull branch and choose your preferred dining style from an extensive menu at Fiesta Del Asado – where taste buds tango!

Asado is a broad Spanish term not only for a range of barbecue techniques, but also describes the social event of having or attending a barbecue; food is placed on grills and lowered over the embers of special applewood chips where it acquires its distinct smoked taste by absorbing the aromas and sealing in the flavours…

Asado dishes are typically no-nonsense, rustic and honest, yet colourful and fiery – you could say the culinary equivalent of the Argentine Tango! Entertaining family and friends at mealtimes is essentially how Asado dining culture emerged in Argentina and, the life-affirming feelings of togetherness it creates is why it has become so popular around the world. Its rich cuisine benefits from many influences; mainly the diverse immigrant nationalities that have helped it shape and evolve throughout its colourful and, often chequered history.

Argentine Cuisine

Although Fiesta del Asado cuisine is synonymous with staples such as Asado-cooked beef, it is invariably a cultural blending of Mediterranean influences, mostly due to Italian and Spanish settlers bringing their favourite foods and cooking styles with them over the last 130 years. Argentina is, in fact, some 85% European and its rich, colourful food reflects this – from beef to Spanish-inspired national favourites such as empanadas and various pastas which originated in Italy.

Whilst Fiesta del Asado couldn’t possibly include all of Argentina’s wonderful dishes at once, it does provide a well-balanced representation of her most popular cuisine.


Fiesta del Asado only source premium, naturally reared, ethically farmed meat. All steaks are dusted with the house dry rub and served with fresh chimichurri.

Tuck into starters such as Beef Empanda (Argentine pastry stuffed with a rich beef filling, served with a beef broth on the side), or Morcilla Black Sausage (Traditionally-smoked black sausage flavoured with paprika & sweet caramelised onion, on toasted bread with olive salad).

Mains include enticing delicious dishes like: Champinones Mushroom Pasta (Ligurian pasta tossed with seasoned king mushrooms and truffle oil, finished with shaved parmesan). Seabass Parilla (Sea bass cooked on the grill with crisp garlic and thyme potato, accompanied by  by fresh dressed peppers, onions and
tomatoes). Chicken Parilla (Grilled 1/2 chicken marinated in garlic & thyme served with tomato, peppers and capers – served on the bone).


Gauchos, the original Argentine cowboys, were a tough hardy breed. They would cook these hearty cuts on makeshift parrillas on the pampas. They certainly knew their meat, and preferred cuts that gave them more of a bite and intense flavours. Here’s your chance to eat like the gauchos! The larger cuts are fantastic for 1, but also great for 2…

Why not try: Beef Costilla (40oz, Fiesta’s largest steak. One side, tender fillet; the other a flavoursome sirloin cooked on the parrilla. Served with tomato & onion salad, malbec sauce and bearnesa or Marucha Flat Iron (20 oz flat iron steak taken from the “feather” muscle – chuck and blade section of the beef, nicely marbled lean steak) and Parrilla Mixta (Grilled Meat Selection: tender lamb cutlets, juicy rump cap and bavette steak, chicken wings, Morcilla and Chistorra sausages. Served with fresh Chimichurri and Malbec Sauce).

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