Local Entrepreneur launches children’s book to help children recognise and support mental health

Local entrepreneur, Lucy Cole from Sutton Coldfield has published a children’s book called Faythe & The Fearstone, which is designed to help children express their feelings and talk about their mental health.

Lucy, who lives in Streetly, is a fully qualified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnosis Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, Personal Evolutionary & Health Coach and has used her training and personal experiences to publish the book which combines a fully animated cartoon series and has its own website http://www.faytheandthefearstone.com/

Faythe & the Fearstone is targeted at children aged 7-11 years of age, as this is where children start to feel real emotions and make decisions that will stay with them through their teenage years and adulthood. Faythe and her team are inspiring characters, who are far from perfect but help and support one another to deal with daily issues and problems. With the help of Faythe, the Fearstone and friends, children will go on adventures in Doom Land Island and learn how to overcome issues, conquer their fears and be brave.

Lucy commented: “I have two daughters who have unfortunately suffered much grief throughout their lives from an early age, this has caused them to feel immense sadness at times and anxiety. I also noticed that there were no inspirational role models for them, and they had to take a leap from animated princesses to wise-cracking live action teens. Through self-learning and being provided with the correct tools and techniques children can change their behaviour pattern, feelings and emotions and this is why Faythe and the Fearstone was developed, as I wanted to help my daughters and other children understand and talk about the feelings they were experiencing.

“Young children, both girls and boys from an early age as young as six, can struggle with daily issues and pressures from school, home and forming friendships and hopefully my book will help children understand their feelings and manage their mental health.”

In addition to the book, Lucy has also developed wellbeing workshops which she is delivering in schools for children aged 7-11 key stage 2 pupils.

Lucy added: “Nobody’s life is perfect and it’s how we deal with these imperfections in life that counts. It’s very important that this is installed in children’s minds from an early age so by going into schools and offering these workshops we can equip our children with the tools they need. My goal is to help children to recognise mental health at an early age and install positive thoughts and techniques to conquer their fears, build confidence and reach their full potential.”

Lucy has worked with award-winning author, Roland Moor and Martyn Ninman, founder and creator of animation studio, King Bee Animation to create Faythe and The Fearstone.

For further information on the book visit Faythe & the Fearstone, or email hello@faytheandthefearstone.co.uk for further details.