Lost and Found – The Lost Hours review

Lost and Found are reviving after work drinks with “The Lost Hours” and invited us to the launch to get a taste of what’s on offer. The promotion is Monday – Friday, 3pm – 8pm with a set menu of 2 for 1 cocktails, prosecco for £20, a £5 spritz range and Pint of Mortetti for £4.

I have had the pleasure of going to this beautiful establishment many times before with friends and family and we have always loved the atmosphere, decor and service. This event was no different, offering a variety of the most delightful cocktails and other alcoholic drinks to suit a wide range of tastes.

I myself do not drink but am partial to a mocktail or two and this place knows how to fake your way through a night of drinks with your merry mates. Although the mocktails are not on the menu for this promotion they do work out to around the same price as the two for one offer that is given with the selected options so I did have these instead.

My friend however tried the alcoholic cocktails which he loved, although it seems on the launch night we didn’t have to follow the set menu as we could have anything from the everyday list provided. Both of us had a fair few of drinks, me being a bit more clearheaded by the end than he was!

All the cocktails looked incredible and tasted amazing, a few of the alcoholic ones even packing quite a punch as by the time we left I would say he was definitely feeling the effects of the concoctions.

For me I tried all the mocktails on the regular menu, as I said buying them is like paying the price of the offer for those who don’t drink, the espresso martini is one drink I haven’t come across in a non alcoholic form before and I would be happy to consume them all night and not feel like the odd one out, this also goes for the rest of the mocktail options on the menu as they were full of flavour unlike some I have tasted in other places.

My only critique would have been the wait which was an hour for just two drinks, although this could of been down to the fact we were using table service at the event and there was a lot of guests all ordering time consuming drinks and the bar was still open to the public making the place very full.

So while we waited for them to bring our order I went to the bar and was able to get my drinks a lot quicker that way. I haven’t had this issue at Lost and Found before and the staff were very considerate and gave a bottle of prosecco for the table and apologised to us before going to sort out the drinks.

There was lots of lovely canapés served from mini cheese burgers to beef ragu and mozzarella arancini, they were delicious and very elegant looking.

To my surprise there was a saxophonist, who was amazing and played along to whatever was being streamed through the speakers. We even made friends with other guests at our table and that’s a sign of a wonderful night when you not only enjoy the company of those you’re with but the people around you!

Overall I had a fantastic night and as always a lovely time in the stunning flowered walls of Lost and Found, enjoying incredible drinks and service as well as finding new acquaintances in our Lost Hours. Who said you cant have fun on a work night?

Words by Wallis Brown for Grapevine Birmingham (https://www.instagram.com/wonderfulyou_xo)